Why Are Landing Pages The Most Important Pages Of Your Website?

The point of every website is to sell something; if not in a direct way, through straightforward sell-buy relation, then later. Even those people who write blogs on their everyday routines and their opinions of the world and society have some sort of a tendency to sell something. If not for money, then for attention they receive.

Best 10 Shopping Cart Design Tricks To Avail Better Conversion

It will be appropriate to call the internet a bit cruel for e-commerce marketers as Marketing Experiments revealed that more than 50% customers leave the shopping carts before the purchase. If we take a look at the blooming businesses, then we will find that their success is ensured due to their strategic methods of using shopping cart and product pages. The correct usability of the shopping cart plays a deciding Continue Reading →

RSSOwl Portable Is Free Desktop Feed Reader With Tabs & Browsing Options

RSSOwl Portable is an open source RSS feed reader which provides easy viewing of RSS feeds within convenient tabs. You can import feeds from an XML or OPML file to ensure that you don’t have to collect feeds from scratch. You can even open tabs for webpages from within feeds. Like any RSS reader, it allows adding, organizing, updating and storing information in the form of RSS feeds. It comes Continue Reading →

Identify Webpage Compatibility Issues With Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera & Internet Explorer

Compatibility Detector is a Chrome extension which scans for compatibility issues on a web page in relation to popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari). This helps in identifying conflicts that a page may face by many of the commonly used browsers. It also provides a detailed information about web page compatibility issues which may arise with other browsers. Compatibility Detector identifies issues such as covering Continue Reading →

Make Your Web Pages Faster With YSlow [Extension]

YSlow is a Yahoo application that helps in improving the performance of webpages. Recently, YSlow extension for Chrome has been released, which has brought its functionality to the Chrome browser. It basically allows analyzing a website in numerous ways that may help determine why the web page(s) may be loading slow on browsers. It also suggest ways to improve website performance based on detailed stats. This can be quite useful Continue Reading →

Switch Webpages To Mobile View In Firefox With Mobilify


Firefox despite being a popular browser, currently has no version for mobile devices.  Mobilify is a Firefox extension which is designed to show a compact view of the content size of webpages, in order to simulate the Firefox Mobile UI. It adds a button on the Add-on bar (formerly known as status bar) in Firefox 4 which enables instantly viewing the webpage in a mobile like user interface. The surroundings Continue Reading →