Transform Windows 7 To Mac OS X Lion With Lion UX Pack


I have previously reviewed many stylish Windows 7 skin packs, including the iOS Skin Pack, Mango Skin Pack, Zune Skin Pack, Android Skin Pack, Gnome Skin Pack, Windows 8 Skin Pack and Xbox 360 Transformer Pack. All of these Windows 7 transformation packs come with an easy installation method, without any complex (manual) theme patching requirements. Recently, I came across the Lion UX Pack that is even simpler to install Continue Reading →

Make Windows 7 Look Like Xbox 360 With Xbox 360 Transformer Pack


I have covered a number of elegant skin packs in the past, which have given users the look and feel of alternative operating systems and tweaked their Windows 7 desktop, to make it appear more relevant to certain occasions like Christmas, New Year, etc. While most of the skin packs reviewed earlier have been developed by Hamed, recently I found another great skin pack by another developer, nicknamed “the-dhruv-8”. Xbox Continue Reading →

Get New Year Skin Pack For Your Windows 7 Desktop


The new Year has dawned and 2012 has arrived with new hopes and aspirations. While the streets and cities are decorated with the new year splendor, it is only fair that you also dress up your Windows 7 desktop with the holiday season glitter, with the New Year 2012 Skin Pack. This brilliant transformation pack has been designed by the same developer (Hamed), who previously brought us the Mac OS X Continue Reading →

Most Amazing Windows 7 Christmas Themes


In the wake of Christmas excitement and splendor, it’s time to decorate your Windows 7 desktop as pretty as a Christmas tree, with the most amazing Windows 7 Christmas themes. Below are four of the most amazing Christmas themes, (including a Windows 7 transformation pack), which will surely brighten up the look of your desktop, in line with Christmas celebrations.

Give Your Windows 7 Desktop The Christmas Look With Christmas Skin Pack

Christmas has once more arrived and all the houses, streets and cities are lit up with the Christmas splendor. While your house is filled with Christmas lights and goodies await you beneath the Christmas tree, it is time to brighten up your Windows 7 desktop with the sparkling images of holiday celebration and Christmas wonder, with the Christmas skin pack. This amazing Christmas transformation pack has been developed by the Continue Reading →

Give Windows 7 The Zune Look With Zune Skin Pack

Zune Skin Pack is a Windows 7 transformation pack which gives your Windows 7 desktop the stylish Zune look. This elegant skin pack has been developed by the same developer who previously brought us the Android Skin Pack, iOS Skin Pack, Mango Skin Pack, Gnome Skin Pack and Windows 8 Skin Pack. The Zune Skin Pack does not require any complex theme patching and can be installed via a simple Continue Reading →

How To Make Windows 7 Look Like Linux With Gnome Skin Pack

I previously covered the Ubuntu Skin Pack, which is designed to give  Windows 7 desktop the Ubuntu look. Recently, the same developer has created a more comprehensive Linux transformation pack for Windows 7, known as the Gnome Skin Pack. The installation of this transformation pack is quite easy and can be performed by following a simple installation wizard. Complete installation instructions are given below.

Download Windows 7 Halloween Theme, Theme Packs And Wallpapers

Its time for the witches to dance, the ghosts to linger and the ghouls to knock at your door for Trick-n-Treating. In the wake of this spooky madness I am obliged to present you with a collection of Halloween Themes, Wallpapers and skin packs to dress up your Windows 7 me maties. So get into the Halloween mode and get some of this spooky stuff, to make Windows 7 spookier Continue Reading →

Give Windows 7 The Halloween Look With Halloween Skin Pack

Turn on those candles, prepare your Jack-o-lantern and dress up for the festivities, as Halloween is around the corner. In the wake of the upcoming Halloween festival, Hamed has once more come up with a stylish skin pack for Windows 7. This time he is not transforming your Windows 7 into Mac OS X, Windows 8 , iOS or some kind of “Mango”, instead he has created a transformation pack Continue Reading →