Stream Movies And TV Shows From PC Or Mac To iPhone With VLC Streamer

VLC Streamer is an iOS app which allows users to watch movies or TV shows on iPhone, iPad and iPod devices from their computer. The app can be used for streaming content right from a PC or Mac computer to an iDevice. This makes it possible to enjoy your favorite shows on a mobile device without the need for using complex video conversion applications. With the help of this app Continue Reading →

Single Click Root For Google Nexus 10 On Windows, Mac And Linux With Superboot

In a previous post I covered the method to Root Google Nexus 10. Now, you can easily root Google Nexus 10 using a simple sing-click root method using Superboot. The credit for this feat goes to ‘paulobrien’ of MoDaCo. As you might be aware, Superboot is the famous script that has helped users root many Android devices such as HTC One X, Galaxy Nexus and others. If you are looking Continue Reading →

PressReader Provides Access To More Than 2300 Newspapers And Magazines

PressReader is a kiosk app for mobile devices which provides the option to acquire news from more than 2,300 online sources according to various filters (such as by country and language). PressReader has applications from all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Windows 7 Slate PCs.

Download Windows 8 Themes From Windows Personalization Gallery

If you are wondering where to download Windows 8 themes from an official Microsoft source, then the place to go is the Microsoft Personalization Gallery (link given at the end of this post). Just like Windows 7, Microsoft has released various Windows 8 themes in the Personalization Gallery, ranging themes with panoramic images, majestic mountains, forests, animals, movies and more. The Personalization gallery not only provides Windows themes but also Continue Reading →

Remotely Control Torrents Using Windows Phone With uTorrent Remote

Torrent clients are the most common mode of P2P transfer and one of the most popular Torrent clients is uTorrent. While there has been a shortage of good mobile apps for Torrent clients in the past, there are always a few gems that can be found if you look close enough in the apps market for a mobile device. µTorrent Remote for Windows Phone is an app that allows remotely Continue Reading →

5 Best Screencast Software For Creating YouTube Videos

Screencast applications help users create video tutorials and training courses by capturing desktop content. Such tools often provide numerous handy options for adding voice and music to recorded videos, as well as to annotate video frames to provide useful information to the viewer. I myself make use of such applications to provide my readers with video guides which are often added to some of the posts at WML Cloud. These Continue Reading →

Add Windows 7 Start Menu In Windows 8 With StartMenu8


After the exclusion of the start menu in Windows 8, many users have been left stranded by Microsoft to deal with the elusive Charms bar. In fact, if you are new to Windows 8 you might not even know that the Charms bar exists as it is displayed when you hover your mouse to the bottom right corner of the desktop. Furthermore, it is nearly impossible for a new Windows Continue Reading →

How To Install Drivers And NexusRootToolkit For The Nexus 7 Tablet

If you are looking for an all-in one solution to hack your Google Nexus 7 tablet, then you’re in luck. The NexusRootToolkit is a Windows application which enables customizing, rooting, backing up and unlocking the Nexus 7 tablet. However, to use this toolkit, you should install the Nexus 7 drivers on your Windows computer. To find out how you can install the Google Nexus 7 drivers on your PC and Continue Reading →

50 Handy Windows 7 And Windows 8 Applications You Did Not Know About

After compiling a list of 40 Handy Free Application for Mac OS X and 50 Handy Applications for Linux, WML Cloud now brings you a list of some some very useful applications for Windows 8 and Windows 7 operating systems. While some of these software might also work on Windows Vista and Windows XP, however the main focus of this post is to provide Windows users with a list of Continue Reading →

Free Mobile And Desktop Apps For Accessing Restricted Websites

A lot of people try to access location restricted websites which are limited to a certain audience (e.g. U.S. users). An prime example of such a website is Hulu, which is a video streaming service that is restricted for U.S. users. Similarly, services like Spotify and Pandora can only be fully accessed from a certain location. As proxy websites are often unable to bypass the restrictions imposed by such web Continue Reading →