Windows 8 : Internetworking with UNIX and Linux – Samba Server Tools

Samba also includes tools and servers to make your UNIX system look just like a Windows-based network server; this capability lets your Windows computers use files and printers shared by UNIX systems. The parameters for configuring Samba in a server capacity are contained in the file /etc/smb.conf on the UNIX host. The default file included with Samba has comments for every parameter to explain each one. • Some OSs, such as Mac OS Continue Reading →

Windows 8 : Internetworking with UNIX and Linux – Samba, Samba Client Tools

The UNIX operating system, originally developed in the 1970s at AT&T’s Bell Laboratories as a platform for internal software development and as a “workbench” for programmers, is still evolving and growing. Today, hundreds of millions of people use UNIX or UNIX-like OSs every day, sometimes without even knowing it, on everything from iMacs to Androids, laptops to mainframes, routers to space probes, and… well, the list goes on and on. Continue Reading →

Free Partition Software To Fix Low Disk Space Problem For Windows Users

Windows system reports low disk space alert message on any disk partition on your PC? Do you want to look for a way to fix the low disk space problem on the partition that has no free space? IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free, as free partition magic software for Windows users, can help with partition resizing with a few mouse clicks and keep all data on the disk untouched.

SmartPixel: Game Recording And Easy Video Editing Software

The game videos are very popular on the video sharing sites like YouTube and Twitch, the gamers are willing to spend lots of time on creating gaming videos or tutorials to share with others and thus they get lots of subscriptions and comments. Through game videos the gamers could interacted very well. However, good game videos need not only professional skills to play games, but also unique thoughts on video Continue Reading →

Wondershare Video Converter Pro For Windows (Giveaway)

Wondershare is offering a giveaway for the Wondershare Video Converter Pro for Windows. For those of you who may be unaware of this product, Wondershare Video Converter Pro is an all-in-one converter that offers video conversion to all popular formats, including formats compatible with desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

How To Search For Apps in The Windows 8 App Store

When I first used the Windows 8 App Store, the most confusing thing I found was the ability to search apps. Usually, app stores come with a search bar for searching apps by entering relevant keywords. A good example of this functionality can be found in Google Play or the Apple App Stores. However, the Windows 8 App Store does not offer a built-in search bar, as the functionality is Continue Reading →

Which Type Of People Use Cell Phones And How They Spend Time On It?


Cell phones have probably reached the end of their natural life cycle and maybe are close to being replaced by a more lucrative technology (Hybrids anyone?). Not to mention there are already a wide range of hybrid devices entering the market and are likely to become better in coming years. There is even talk of Windows 8 based Hybrid devices with a SIM card with conventional microSD slots. Until the Continue Reading →

Convert Text To Speech And Save It As Mp3 With Natural Reader

Natural Reader is a free software for Windows and Mac, which reads out text and allows saving it as an audio file. It is one of the most robust text to speech software that you are ever likely to find and comes with many features that allow you to not only listen to entered text but to convert it to Mp3 format, select the speed at which the text is Continue Reading →