Fully Customize Windows 7 Aero With Aero Tuner

    AeroTuner is a simple portable tool that gives a custom color and tone to Windows Aero. It provides options for changing the look of Windows Aero by allowing to mix and match different colors and manage their tone to customize Aero. Users can even select custom colors for the Primary Aero color and a Glow color separately.  With Aero Tuner, users can tweak color balance, blur balance, after Continue Reading →

How To Get Windows 8 Aero Glass Effect In Windows 7

The Windows 8 Aero effect is slightly different from Windows 7 Aero. In this post I will tell you how to get the Windows 8 style Aero Glass Effect for Windows 7. The below procedure involves using a simple third-party theme called Windows 8 VS for Win7, which has been developed by “fediaFedia”. The style itself is quite simple and not much has been changed. The only difference is how Continue Reading →

Get Windows 8 Aero Color Rotation Feature In Windows 7 – AeroRainbow

One of the many expected features of  Windows 8 is the ability to rotate Aero Glass color according to the color scheme of the current wallpaper. AeroRainbow is a third-party software which automatically change the Windows 7 Aero color according to the current wallpaper, active window, by random order or according to your predefined color shades. AeroRainbow has been developed by the same developer who brought us AeroTuner, which I Continue Reading →

DockBarX Is A Fully Customizable Dock For Ubuntu & Other Linux Versions

DockBarX is a fully customizable standalone dock application for Ubuntu & other Linux based operating systems. It has options which allow completely transforming its look according to user specifications. The options are so specific that they are much more advanced than Cairo Dock. The below screenshot is an example of how I was able to customize DockBarX to give it the Windows style Aero glass look.