How To Create Users In A Domain (Windows Server 2008)

Previously I provided you with a guide about “How To Create Windows Server 2008 Domain & Things To Consider”. In this post I will explain the procedure involved in creating Domain users from Active Directory in Windows Server 2008. It is worth mentioning here that the same method more or less applies in many pre-Windows Servers 2008 operating systems, for creating Domain users, (e.g. Windows Server 2003).

Create A Secure WiFi Hotspot With MyPublicWiFi

My Public Wi-Fi

Normally, a wireless internet connections can be easily shared using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) or by setting up an Ad-hoc network connection. While you can use a Wi-Fi router for connecting multiple computers, Android, iPhone or Symbian devices to the internet, your router might not be able to support too many connections at the same time. Furthermore, you might require boosting the internet connection signals to allow other machines (such Continue Reading →

Make Windows 7 Look Like Android With Android Skin Pack

Android Skin Pack is a Windows 7 transformation pack for giving your Windows 7 the Android look. This awesome skin pack has been developed by Hamed, who is the same developer who previously brought us the Mac OS X Lion, Windows 8 and Ubuntu Skin Pack. Just like other skin packs by Hamed, you do not require using any third-party theme patching software and can install this skin pack from Continue Reading →

How To Extend Taskbar To Second Monitor When Using Dual Monitors

People who work with dual monitors can find it quite troublesome to deal with an extended display without an extra taskbar. Dual Monitor is a free software which extends your taskbar to the secondary monitor.The extended taskbar is fully functional and has almost all the features of the primary taskbar such as time/date display, jump list, application pinning and notification area.

Easily Manage Server 2008 Active Directory Domain – SysAdmin Anywhere

SysAdmin Anywhere is an Active Directory Domain administration software which provides information about resources such as the Domains, servers, client computers, users and groups, etc on a network and provides easy configuration options. Interestingly, it has a Windows 8 style Metro user interface which  gives it a visually appealing look. With SysAdmin Anywhere you can create network software and hardware inventories, edit and manage users, groups, computers, etc and obtain Continue Reading →

How To Create, Setup Windows Server 2008 Domain & Things To Consider

In this post  I will tell you how to create Windows server 2008 domain and what things you should consider while setting up your Domain controller. The below post shows a step by step guide for creating aDomain in a new forest. In this article I am using Windows Server 2008 R2 to create a domain, the same configurations apply for the 32-bit version.

Find Out Who Is Using Your Wireless Connection & Identify Intruders

Wireless Network Connections are often at risk of being accessed by intruders who choke bandwidth by accessing other people’s wireless connections. This can occur for both unsecure and protected networks, as wireless network packets are easy to access for hacker to break into Wi-Fi networks. Wireless Network Watcher is a free and portable software which scans your wireless network and displays the list of connected devices to help you identify Continue Reading →

Test Your TCP Connection To Check Network Connectivity – Sentinel

Problems with network connections can be hard to diagnose as one can appear connected even when the IP address is invalid for DHCP connectivity, such as an APIPA.  Sentinel is a handy portable application for Network Administrators which tests your TCP communication to help determine if your computer is online. It uses the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) to send data message unit to help you check if the message is Continue Reading →

How To Dual Boot Any Version Of Ubuntu With Windows 7 Or Windows Server 2008

Many Windows users find it hard to run features such as Unity 3D on virtual machines using VMware or VirtualBox for creating virtual machines. A better alternative can be to dual boot Linux operating system like Ubuntu with Windows. In this post I will tell you how to dual boot Ubuntu 11.04 with Windows 7. This procedure more or less can also be used with other versions of Ubuntu.

How To Install Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 & 32-bit On VMware

Installing a 64-bit operating system on VMware can be a bit tricky as it does not install unless virtualization is activated from the Bios settings. In this post I will tell you how to install Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 and x86 (32 bit) on VMware 7. When I first attempted to install a 64-bit Server on VMware and Virtual Box I got an error that the software was unable Continue Reading →