4t Tray Minimizer Allows To Pin, Roll & Hide Windows To System Tray

4t Tray Minimizer is a Window management tool which adds additional buttons on top of all windows. These buttons can be used to: Minimize active windows to system tray Roll up windows Make current window transparent And pin windows It also allows you to use hotkeys to quickly perform tasks. During the 4t setup, you are provided the option to enable hotkeys for various functions, these include, minimizing applications to Continue Reading →

Automatically Get Rid Of Skype Home Window With Kill Skype Home

A few weeks back I covered New Skype Features of Skype 5.5. While the new Skype version provides many useful features such as Facebook integration, it also comes with an annoying Home window. Many Skype users find this window quite frustrating as it pops up automatically when Skype starts. Moreover, it also reduces the utility of the Skype Compact View, since two maximized windows do not allows saving desktop space. Continue Reading →

Get Daily Comic Strips From Many Online Sources With ComicDaily

ComicDaily is a Java-based application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux which provides daily comics from various online sources. It contains a list of comics which can be viewed on a daily basis including newspaper comic strips such as Hagar the Horrible, Peanuts, Calvin and Hobes, and many others. Unlike previously reviewed Jomics and QManga, ComicDaily is not a CBR or CBZ (comic format) reader. Instead, it provides newspaper Continue Reading →

Create HTML Shortcuts For Website To Run On PC, Android, iPhone, etc

HTMtied is a portable software application which converts any website URL to an HTML file which acts as the URL’s shortcut. This method is quite similar to bookmarking websites, however, in this case they are saved as a shortcut on the hard disk rather than the browser’s bookmarks archive. HTMtied can be used to create multi-platform website shortcuts for opening them in the default browsers of numerous Operating systems and Continue Reading →

Upload, Save And Read Your Comic Collection Online With All Comics

I have previously reviewed comic reader such as QManaga (For Windows) and Jomics (which works on Mac OS X) . While desktop comic readers provide a convenient interface for reading comics, they do not provide mobility for your comic book collection. This is because access to the comic book collection is limited by supported platform (e.g. a particular operating system such as Mac or Windows) of the comic reader and Continue Reading →

Get 8start Launcher, A Stylish Shortcut Launcher And Countdown Timer

8start Launcher provides a simple mechanism to achieve a clutter free desktop. It acts as a shortcut launcher which can be used to add program, file and folder shortcuts. You can place your important shortcuts on 8start Launcher and avoid piling up too many desktop shortcuts. It provides the option to add separate categories which makes it easy to house shortcuts in convenient sections.

Get QManga , The Manga Reader Which Can Read Many Comic Formats

QManga, is a portable comic reader, which is specially designed to read manga and other comic formats. It can also read comics from a number of image formats and compressed archives. The supported formats include the following: Comic Formats CBZ and CBR Image Formats PNG, GIF and JPG Compressed Archives ZIP and RAR You can assign custom hotkeys or simply use mouse buttons to scroll through comic book pages easily.

Lock Windows Screen Automatically By A Pre-Set Time (Screen Locker)

Screen Locker is a portable software which allows you to schedule locking your Windows screen. When the main screen is locked, it gets disabled until the specified time limit is reached. This ensures that no one can mess with your computer in your absence, even if it has no password. For example, you can schedule the locking and unlocking of your computer screen according to your lunch break time at Continue Reading →

Preview And Convert Pictures From Windows Right-Click Menu, SageThumbs

SageThumbs is a shell extension which allows converting and previewing images from Windows right-click menu. It adds a number of useful image-related options to Windows right-click menu, such as, Preview of images directly from Windows right-click menu (which is a similar utility to FastPreview software). It provides extended information in picture tips It supports 162 image formats (224 extensions) via GFL Library, as well as additional 26 image formats via Continue Reading →

Schedule Update Checks &Download Updates [Glarysoft Software Update]

Software Update by Glarysoft is a free software which helps you keep track of updates for installed software on your computer. It lets you check and download updates for these software rather than having to check updates for multiple programs individually. You can also schedule a check for program updates.