Prevent Eyes Strain With Reminders To Rest Your Eyes With EyeDefender

EyeDefender is a free software that provides periodic reminders to rest your eyes from the computer screen. It has been designed to help people avoid Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) resulting from working on a computer for too long. CVS symptoms include eyestrain, blurred vision, delayed focusing, headaches, back aches, neck aches, light sensitivity, distorted color vision, forehead heaviness, dry and burning eyes and sore eyes.  EyeDefender is more feature rich Continue Reading →

Chit Chat Is A Feature Rich, Yet Easy To Use Facebook Chat Client

If you are looking for a free desktop client for Facebook chat with a minimalist look and clean interface, then check out Chit Chat. Chit Chat is similar in functionality to fTalk, but comes with a wider range of handy features such as customization options to change chat text, 20+ useful hotkeys, auto save of chats, support multiple tabs, proxy servers and Facebook user groups.

Sleep Preventer Disables Sleep, Hibernation, etc During Running Tasks


Sleep Preventer is a free and  portable software which prevents disruptive features of a power conserving power plan from being activated during important tasks. For example, instead of switching your power plan from Power Saver to High Performance, you can simply activate Sleep Preventer to avoid your system from going into hibernation, sleep mode, etc. This ensures that you are able to carry on with your important tasks such as Continue Reading →

Make Any Picture Look Like A Scanned Document With Cam To Scan

What do you do when you have to send a scanned copy of a document or image, but have no scanner? An option can be to attach a photograph of the concerned document. However, this is likely to be unacceptable due to official requirements in offices and will appear quite unprofessional. Cam to Scan is a free software that makes pictures of ordinary documents appear like scanned copies. It is Continue Reading →

Get fTalk, The Lightweight Facebook Chat Client With Great Interface

The new chat interface for Facebook has made it hard to identify online and offline contacts as they are not aligned separately. If you are looking for an easy way of using Facebook chat, the try fTalk. It is a free desktop client for Facebook chat. It aligns online and offline contacts separately and shows system tray notifications when a contact is online. fTalk is quite lightweight and has a Continue Reading →

4t Tray Minimizer Allows To Pin, Roll & Hide Windows To System Tray

4t Tray Minimizer is a Window management tool which adds additional buttons on top of all windows. These buttons can be used to: Minimize active windows to system tray Roll up windows Make current window transparent And pin windows It also allows you to use hotkeys to quickly perform tasks. During the 4t setup, you are provided the option to enable hotkeys for various functions, these include, minimizing applications to Continue Reading →

Automatically Get Rid Of Skype Home Window With Kill Skype Home

A few weeks back I covered New Skype Features of Skype 5.5. While the new Skype version provides many useful features such as Facebook integration, it also comes with an annoying Home window. Many Skype users find this window quite frustrating as it pops up automatically when Skype starts. Moreover, it also reduces the utility of the Skype Compact View, since two maximized windows do not allows saving desktop space. Continue Reading →

Get Daily Comic Strips From Many Online Sources With ComicDaily

ComicDaily is a Java-based application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux which provides daily comics from various online sources. It contains a list of comics which can be viewed on a daily basis including newspaper comic strips such as Hagar the Horrible, Peanuts, Calvin and Hobes, and many others. Unlike previously reviewed Jomics and QManga, ComicDaily is not a CBR or CBZ (comic format) reader. Instead, it provides newspaper Continue Reading →