Get Wi-Fi And Data Usage Alerts On iPhone And iPad With DataMan

Many ISPs around the world have implemented a data cap on internet usage. This means that exceeding the data cap can result in a heavy charge that the user might only find out about at the time he/she receives the bill. Such data caps are also implemented by mobile phone carriers and one can easily run out of pre-paid credit or receive a phone bill that might hit you hard Continue Reading →

Connect Mobile Or Tablet To Internet Via PC With Connectify

Connectify Connectivity

Many a times the Wi-Fi router is located in such a way that it does not provide proper signals in certain parts of the house or office premises. In such a case you can use your computer’s Wi-Fi to boost wireless signals by making it a Wi-Fi hotspot. While I have previously reviewed some very handy applications that can perform this function, namely MyPublicWiFi, MHotspot and MariFi, they do not Continue Reading →

Create A Secure WiFi Hotspot With MyPublicWiFi

My Public Wi-Fi

Normally, a wireless internet connections can be easily shared using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) or by setting up an Ad-hoc network connection. While you can use a Wi-Fi router for connecting multiple computers, Android, iPhone or Symbian devices to the internet, your router might not be able to support too many connections at the same time. Furthermore, you might require boosting the internet connection signals to allow other machines (such Continue Reading →

WiFi Network Backup Manager Saves And Loads WiFi Connection Settings

Wi-Fi Network Backup Manager makes it easy to save and load Wi-Fi network profile settings without having to remember complicated network configurations. It allows saving an XML file of your wireless connection , which can be loaded in any other or the same computer (when required) to instantly load your Wi-Fi connection settings. Using Wi-Fi Network Backup Manager you can save and load a number of wireless connection settings (e.g. Continue Reading →

Make Your Windows 7 PC A Wi-Fi Hotspot (Software Router) With MaryFi

MaryFi is a free software router for Windows 7 computers which allows to easily share your computer’s WiFi connection with other computers and mobile devices. In other words, you Windos 7 PC becomes a Wifi hotspot so that you can easily share your Internet connection originating from a cable modem, a cellular card, or even another Wi-Fi network. MaryFi is similar to setup like MHotSpot , however, it provides many Continue Reading →

Prevent Computer From Going To Sleep During Downloads With Coffee Software

It can be quite annoying to switch between power plans to keep the computer awake during important downloading tasks, while keeping power settings for battery conservation. Coffee is a free software which prevents your system from going to sleep when important downloads are running. This allows keeping power conserving options and getting rid of the annoyance of the system going into sleep mode due to inactivity while important tasks are Continue Reading →

Make Your PC A Wi-Fi Hotspot To Share Internet Connection With MHotSpot

While you can use a Wi-Fi router for sharing an internet connection with an Android , Symbian phone, or other computers, your router might not be able to support too many connected devices. MHotSpot is a portableapplication which simplifies the process of sharing your wireless network connection with other computers and devices such as Android, Symbian phones, printers and Tablet PC. MHotSpot does not have any complex settings and can share Continue Reading →

Connection Checker For Android Fixes Weak WiFi/Mobile Network Signals

Tired of a weak Android reception? If yes, then you might find a remedy by using Connection Checker. It is a free and Android application which checks the network status after a set time interval and toggles the WiFi / mobile network when signals are weak or non existent. It continues to fix your mobile connection until a stable connection is established.