How To Start Your Blog And Earn Money From It [Beginners Guide]

Recently I received a comment on one of my post where a reader asked me regarding how he might be able to start his blog. While I did provide him with some basic guidelines, I felt the need to make a comprehensive post for helping out people who may be looking to start their own blog. In this post I will provide you with a crash course for starting and Continue Reading →

What is SEO And How Can You Optimize Your Website?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become one of the most important ways of marketing products and services, as well as attracting website visitors. Simply making a blog or website is not enough to attract visitors. This is because  a website requires complete on-page and off-page optimization to become search engine friendly. Hiring an SEO service can be both risky and expensive, as many SEO experts can end up getting Continue Reading →

Correct Grammar Mistakes In Windows Live Writer, Grammar Checker Plugin

Grammar Checker Plugin is an open source plugin for Windows Live Writer which corrects grammar mistakes. It has added the functionality which has been long missing in this otherwise excellent blogging client. Grammar Checker, not only provides the correct grammar, style and spelling format for a mistake, but also shows grammatical reasons for the provided correction. It is based on the famous web service known as After The Deadline, which Continue Reading →

Instantly Access Social Media Websites In Chrome With New Email & Social App


New Email And Social App is a Chrome extension that provides instant access to email and social networking websites such as Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live, AOL, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, Yahoo Messenger, YouTube and iTunes App Store from a small button next to the address bar. This eliminates the need to type the URL in the address bar and makes accessing commonly used websites easier.