WiFi Network Backup Manager Saves And Loads WiFi Connection Settings

Wi-Fi Network Backup Manager makes it easy to save and load Wi-Fi network profile settings without having to remember complicated network configurations. It allows saving an XML file of your wireless connection , which can be loaded in any other or the same computer (when required) to instantly load your Wi-Fi connection settings. Using Wi-Fi Network Backup Manager you can save and load a number of wireless connection settings (e.g. Continue Reading →

PasteBin Software – Save And Export Clipboard History To PasteBin

Pastebin.com is an online developers platform to store pieces of sources code or configuration information. It allows programmers to collaborate on their development modules. PasteBin is a portable software which is designed to help you save and manage your clipboard code history . It allows logging in from a Guest account which makes it possible to use PasteBin on office computers with limited user privileges. Moreover, you can also login Continue Reading →

Sync Or Mirror Folders To Create Windows Backup With MetroBackup

MetroBackUp is an open source software for synchronization and mirroring folders. It works in three different modes, namely, Mirror Reference Directory, Mirror Reference Directory (without deleting files) and Synchronization. The first allows copying files from one folder to another, the second can be used to make sure that the source folder’s files are not deleted, whereas, the third option allows synchronizing data to and from the selected folders’. Metrobackup can Continue Reading →

RSSOwl Portable Is Free Desktop Feed Reader With Tabs & Browsing Options

RSSOwl Portable is an open source RSS feed reader which provides easy viewing of RSS feeds within convenient tabs. You can import feeds from an XML or OPML file to ensure that you don’t have to collect feeds from scratch. You can even open tabs for webpages from within feeds. Like any RSS reader, it allows adding, organizing, updating and storing information in the form of RSS feeds. It comes Continue Reading →

Easypad LAP Alternative To Windows Notepad With Development Friendly Formats

Easypad LAP is an alternative to the default Windows Notepad with a lot of additional features with most prominent being the Ribbon based user interface which offers five separate tabs for handling the document alignment, selecting text color, font style, document security, etc. Users can save your text document in TXT, RTF, XML, XAML, HTML, PHP, JS, Java, CS, ASP and RESX formats. This can be quite helpful for developers Continue Reading →