EyeReport For iPhone: Display Front And Rear Camera In One Video

EyeReport is a free iOS app that provides a quick and simple method to record videos to combine visual presence of the user in the recorded content. This can be quite helpful in creating demonstration videos, tutorials with voice over and cam view, as well as videos made on special occasions like Birthday parties, Weddings, family gatherings, etc.

YouTube Capture: Record And Upload Videos To YouTube From iPhone

YouTube Capture is a free iOS app by Google which makes it easy for users to record, edit and upload videos to YouTube. It has an easy to use UI with fast recording and provides many handy options such for color correction, video stabilization, trimming, and adding audio tracks.

TubeCast Uploads YouTube Videos From Desktop, No Flash Required

TubeCast is a portable software which allows uploading multiple videos simultaneously to YouTube from your desktop, without the need of a Flash based uploader. Using this open source software you can eliminate the need of having to visit YouTube or to use a browser for uploading videos. Before videos are uplaoded, you can also set the category, title, tags, etc for the video and sharing options. The uploading process is Continue Reading →