CKFinder error ‘Internal Server Error(500)’

Question : CKFinder error ‘Internal Server Error(500)’


We are using 2.0 for developing a website. In our application we use FCKEditor Ver is 2.2.2952.27793 and CKFinder We are using FCKEditor for adding contents(in admin area) of the site and we have a link on the same page, clicking on which the admin could view the files which are uploaded by the registered users of our website. FCKEditor works without any issues. But when we try to open CKFinder.html we get an error.

In our application we have FCKEditor dll in the ‘Bin’ folder.

In application Webconfig file we have set path to FCKEditor userfiles like the following

th” value=”http://www……/UserFiles“/>

In CKfinder.config we have set the following values.

url = “~/userfiles/”
serverPath = “”

Here “userfiles” is the folder in which all the files are uploaded and so it is set as base url. locally when we run the application, CKFinder works perfectly. when we call the url http//localhost:1555/……./ckfinder/ckfinder.html, CKFinder shows up displaying all the files in the folder ‘Userfiles’. But when we host this application, and try to open ckfinder.html, we get the error ” XML Request Error:Internal Server Error(500)”

Could someone please help me on this?

Solution: CKFinder error ‘Internal Server Error(500)’

It sounds like the security settings of your web server (set by your hosting provider) are responsible then.

It may be that some module that is required by CKFinder is disabled or not uploaded. Check with your hosting provider if there any restrictions that may be causing your problem.