Assign Custom Hotkeys For Windows Applications And Tasks With ZenKey

ZenKey is an advanced application that allows you to control all aspects of your Windows operating system. Using ZenKEY you can assign custom hotkeys to installed application, create menus, assign actions to launch programs or files, minimize windows as icons, set Windows transparency levels, issue Windows system commands and so on.

You can manage all ZenKey options from the system tray. From here you can set key strokes for programs and Windows functions, alter transparency levels, and iconize Windows folders via the iconize option. The iconized window also displays a small CPU meter, showing the current CPU utilization. Using the ZenKEY configuration utility, you can add any program, add or alter any menu, and assign any keystroke to perform a specific action.

Zen Key

You can set Windows attributes from the ZenKey configuration option. From here you can disable Quote messages, configure ZenKey behavior, disable/enable Startup tips, etc.


With ZenKey, you can set anything from basic Windows attributes to its transparency level and default display Window location on desktop to.


The Alt+Space hotkey allows viewing the available Windows program’s and resources to set hotkeys for them.


To set hotkeys, go to ZenKey configurations from the system tray and select the Items tab. From here you can choose a program and click Edit to configure hotkeys and program attributes.


ZenKey works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download ZenKey