Automatically Take Desktop Screenshots Periodically In Windows

Automatically Take Screenshots is a free screenshot taking software which takes periodic screenshots of the desktop according to a set time interval, in a selected folder. This can be an alternative of making screencasts for recording the system state. Automatically taking periodic screenshots can be helpful for making tutorials, checking system state from time to time (e.g. when running a health monitoring tool), or to create a log of system activity for a period of time. Recording the system state in such a way can be useful for remotely checking the progress of ongoing operations on a remote computer, in such a case, you can set the a network shared folder as the screenshots folder.

You can set a folder for saving screenshots and define a set time frame according to minutes, seconds for taking screenshots. The image quality can also be adjusted for the screenshots.  To start the screenshot taking process, click Start Capture. You can also take a test screenshot from the Take Screenshot Now (Test).

Automatically Take Screen Pictures Software

This will start a timer which will display the remaining time before the next screenshot is taken. you can check the “Load this software on Windows startup” option and choose the system tray option to initiate this application from the system tray at logon.


All screenshots are saved in your selected system folder. To check out a compilation of more free screenshot taking software, click here.


Automatically Take Screenshots works with

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Automatically Take Screenshots