Download News Bento: Windows 8 Metro RSS Feed Reader

RSS feed readers are used by people who like keeping an eye on daily news and updates from various online sources. Many people use Google Reader, Netvibes, RSSOwl and other types of feed readers. As we all know, the Windows Store was launched with Microsoft’s Latest Windows 8 operating system and the available applications at the Windows Store are increasing quite rapidly. If you are looking for a Metro app that serves as an RSS reader, then try News Bento. It is a Windows 8 Modern (Metro) UI app which allows personalizing news feeds from specified sources related to different categories such as Business, News, Sports, Technology, Entertainment, as well as Photo & Design. You can enter your own feed sources to use this feed reader, to keep an eye on the latest news from your favorite sources, within the Metro UI.

To install News Bento, head over to the Windows Store, type the application’s name and click the Install button after News Bento appears in the search result.

News Bento

News Bento has a clean interface with Live Tile support. To move items left or right, use the mouse wheel or the swipe gesture. This app comes with some pre-defined blogs and websites, including some famous ones such as Flickr Blog, TV Guide, Photo Jojo, MSNBC, Engadget and The Atlantic. You can add your custom feeds by clicking on the More News option.

More News

Clicking a tile from the main screen activates related pages, so that you can get an overview of the headlines from your subscribed feeds.

News Feed

One of the best features of News Bento is that it allows users to view the complete page of a blog or website within the Metro interface. This means that you can avoid getting redirected to a browser window and easily read your subscribed news feeds from within the News Bento interface.

Full Screen

As mentioned earlier, you can grab News Bento from the Windows Store.

Download News Bento