Fix Errors & Edit Subtitles With Real Time Video Preview [VisualSubSync]

VisualSubSync is a subtitle editing tool which works much like Gnome Subtitles (For Linux) and Gaupol (For Linux, Unix and Windows). It supports SRT, SSA/ASS, CSV, TXT and CUE files which can be used for loading and editing subtitles. You can later save the subtitle output in any of these formats, such as saving a CSV file into SRT format after the editing process has been completed. You can also automatically seek the video when subtitle times are changed, with an option to rewind it or forward it according subtitle lines.

VisualSubSync provides many useful features like error checking, spelling checks, real time video preview with edited subtitles, etc. VisualSubSync comes with the option to assign custom hotkeys and mouse actions which can further help increase the pace of the editing task.

All you have to do is to load a new file from the File drop down menu and select the input video. The video can be viewed in two modes, the Detach mode and Normal mode. The normal mode displays the video, sound visualization and subtitles in a single window and the Detach mode displays the video window separately (as shown below).

Detach Video

To edit subtitles, click on a text line and start typing the new text with custom formatting from the bottom pane. Once you have completed the editing or to checked the progress of the edited content, click Play button. To get a real time video preview, click on the Show/Hide video button (above time duration display and next to zoom buttons). The video playback buttons contains Play, Pause, Stop, Play End, Video Loop and move to “next/previous subtitle line” options. As you move between subtitles, the video automatically starts from the selected subtitle line when you click play button.

VisualSubSync - lost.S05E13.hdtv.xvid-notv

You can edit hotkeys, mouse parameters, select font size, style, color, etc from Preferences. Preferences can be accessed from the Edit drop down menu or from the main interface (first button from the left).


You can right-click on any line to delete, mere dialog, fix errors, change text formatting (italic, bold, text size, color, etc). The right-click menu also allows stripping tags, creating and clearing Karaoke.


The JS Tools drop down menu provides access to “Quick Stats” which can be used for debugging purposes.

JS Tools

VisualSubSync is a good tool for advanced and common users and provides real time video preview of the edited content with a lot of accuracy which makes it perhaps one of the best free subtitle editors that you are likely to find. If you wish to find an easy way of downloading subtitles for movies and TV Shows then you can use SubsHub. The combination of VisualSync and SubsHub can be quite interesting as you can download subtitles with the help of SusbsHub and edit, translate or/and preview them with VisualSubSync. VisualSubSync works with

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

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