Fix Laptop Battery Power Drain Issues With Microsoft Fix it

Microsoft Fix it utilities provide Windows users with easy and automatic solutions for troubleshooting and resolving Windows issues.

Microsoft Fix it Solution (for battery issues) is a portable free software which resolved laptop battery drainage and other issues by checking and resolving the following issues.

  • Period of time before the computer goes to sleep is set too long
  • Screen saver is used instead of setting the computer to enter sleep mode
  • Display brightness is set too high
  • Power plan is not set to the most efficient power plan
  • Wireless adaptor in not optimized for power saving
  • Minimum processor state is set too high

After running Fix it, accept the terms and conditions to proceed.


Select an option to either automatically apply fixes or to select and fix them (once the problem is detected).


Microsoft Fix it will check for battery solutions to fix your battery issues.


If you select the option to check for fixes before applying them, you will be redirected to a list box containing the available solutions. Select your desired fixes and click next for the changes to take effect.


This will fix your battery issues and provide you with a feedback option to send your comments to Microsoft.


Microsoft Fix it works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Microsoft Fix it (to resolve battery issues)