Get Windows 8 Style Sidebar For Windows 7 & Vista With Metro Sidebar

Microsoft will be launching a new user interface for Windows 8, know as Metro. I have previously reviewed software like Mosaic and Metro Clock which are third-party development endeavors to replicate the Metro user interface in Windows 7. This time I bring you Metro Sidebar. It is a Windows 8 Metro style sidebar forWindows 7 and Windows Vista. This sidebar comes with five different colors which can be changed to match your wallpaper.

Metro Sidebar Blue

When you launch the Metro Sidebar setup, the installation wizard prompts you to select a sidebar color and a favorite browser. To change the existing color being displayed, move the right/left arrow buttons. These options can be changed later by selecting Settings from the system tray. A shortcut to the selected browser is displayed on the sidebar and the selected color is applied to the background of the sidebar.

Metro Sidebar

Once the Sidebar is launched, it can be exited anytime by selecting exit from the system tray, by right-clicking on the Metro Sidebar icon. You can change the Metro Sidebar colors from time to time to to suit your existing wallpaper.

Metro Sidebar

Metro Sidebar works on the following Microsoft Windows operating systems:

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Metro Sidebar