HaoZip Archiver: 7Zip & Winrar Alternative With Features Of Both Tools

When it comes to creating/compressing files and folders, many people use WinRAR and 7Zip, as they provide far better features than the default Windows ZIP Utility and other applications like WinZip. While these software are considered as the preferred choice for most users, only a few know about relatively-unknown free programs, which have better functionality and features. I earlier reviewed one such software known as PeaZip. Recently, I found another such free software, which delivers great features and performance. HaoZip is a free compression software that supports decompression for49 different formats including  7ZIP, ZIP, RAR, TAR and many more. It also provides some handy built-in features for performing a variety of functions like batch picture conversion, MD5 Checksum, password protection of archives, image viewing, etc.

HaoZip can be either accessed by either directly launching it or via Windows right-click menu.


If you are creating a new compressed archive, you can compress it in 7Zip, ZIP or TAR formats and password protect it. Most of the options with in the archive creation section are identical to the ones that you are likely to find in both Winrar and 7Zip. This makes HaoZip immensely useful as it provides a fusion of both programs.


During testing I compared HaoZip to Winrar and 7Zip with a 475MB archive and the result was as follows:


  • Compressed the file in: 1 minute 50 seconds (approximately)
  • Extracted the file in: 9 seconds (approximately)
  • Compressed the 475 MB archive to 445 MB


Compressed the file in:1 minute 36 seconds (approximately),

Extracted the file in: 8 seconds (approximately),

Compressed the 475 MB archive to 445MB


Compressed the file in: 2 minutes 5 seconds (approximately)

Extracted the file in: 9 seconds (approximately),

Compressed the 475 MB archive to 453 MB

Creating Archive

HaoZip also comes with some unique features that other archivers do not provide. This includes the option to view and editimages. You can preview image within HaoZip interface, and directly add files to archive, open images in MS Paint for editing, copy or cut items to clipboard, (containing) folder, as well as rename, move and delete items via right-click menu.

Open Viewer

If you open an image within the HaoZip previewer, it can be edited by opening it in MS Paint. You can also use the HaoZip previewer to convert the image to other formats.

Convert Image

HaoZip supported formats include the following:

Full Support: 7Zip, RAR and TAR file formats.

Decompression Support: RAR, ISO, UDF,  DMG, ISZ, ACE, UUE, CAB, BZIP2, ARJ, JAR, LZH, RPM, Z, LZMA, NSIS, CHM, HFS, WIM, DEB, MSI, CPIO, XAR and many other formats. Additionally, HaoZip supports Blu-ray UDF and extracts the most perfect Blu-ray (blue) ISO files. You can download HaoZip in numerous languages including English and Chinese from the link given below, followed by the homepage link which provides more information about the application. HaoZip works on the following Windows operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download HaoZip [English and Other Languages]

Download HaoZip [Homepage]