Instantly Launch Windows Utilities With Windows Utilities Launcher

Many of the Windows Utilities like Device Manager, Performance Monitor, Windows Services, etc are accessed by a laborious process. One can feel a bit edgy when having to go through Control Panel and various context menu /Start menu options for accessing Windows Utilities. For example, One might have to access  Disk management from My Computer –> Manage (via right-click context menu) –> Storage –> Disk Management.

Windows Utilities Launcher is a portable tool that provides instant access to Windows utilities from a shortcut integrated GUI interface and the system-tray. It provides a simple access to major sources that one may have to access frequently and provides the utility of circumventing the need of going through long Windows paths.

From the main interface, you can instantly access Computer Management, Device Manager, Disk Manager, Windows Services, Task Manager, Performance Monitor, Display Properties, Add/Remove Programs, System Configuration, Time and Date, Disk Cleanup and Windows Info.


You can also access these options from the system-tray by right clicking on the Windows Utilities Launcher icon. Additionally you can also access the Notepad and Calculator.


If you frequently require accessing Windows utilities, then you can enable launching this app at Windows startup, with the option to keep it minimized at startup.


It works on

  • Windows XP (provided you have .Net Framework 3.5)
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Windows Utility Launcher