Manage Amazons3, Nirvanix And Timeline Cloud Files With Cloud Turtle

Cloud Turtle is a desktop client for Amazon S3, Nirvanix and Timeline Cloud services, which allows you to download, upload, delete and overall manage your accounts from the aforementioned cloud storage services. It’s main features include:

  • Cloud Turtle can multi-task operations such as upload, download
    and delete.
  • Multi-threaded download and upload (Super Fast)
  • Cloud Turtle can pause and resume upload and download
  • Cloud Turtle can be set to auto retry failed tasks in case of a failed connection
  • Cloud Turtle has a simple, dynamic user interface that can be changed to your preferred layout
  • Cloud Turtle can throttle bandwidth usage
  • Cloud Turtle saves your layout and tasks for next time
  • Complete history log



To get started, select a service from the drop down list and login with your login credentials to begin using the respective backup service via Cloud Turtle.



Cloud Turtle can help you multi-task operations from all three supported services. You can perform multi-threaded downloads and uploads for faster speed, pause, resume and  auto-retry downloading and uploading task.  Bandwidth throttling can also be performed for managing your bandwidth consumption. Click Upload or Download option (as applicable) to import or export your files.


Amazon S3 Specific Features:

  • Can upload, download and delete objects and buckets
  • The ability to set bucket policies
  • Cloud Turtle can set http headers for objects
  • Ability to set the ACL (Access Control List) settings for objects
    and buckets
  • Ability to set the logging so that the bucket can write logs on another bucket
    Ability to create buckets and folders
  • Ability to get web URLs and properties for buckets and objects
  • Ability to stream music and videos
  • Ability to rename objects

Nirvanix Specific Features:

  • Cloud Turtle can upload, download and delete files and folders
  • Create, delete and edit users from your master account
  • Ability to stream music and videos
  • Ability to view your documents in Google Docs ®
  • Cloud Turtle embeds wild card search in the search function
  • Ability to rename your files and folders
  • Ability to get web URLs and properties for files
  • Ability to view, edit and delete metadata of your files

Timeline Cloud Specific Features:

  • Cloud Turtle can restore your backed up files
  • Cloud Turtle can search backed up files and folders
  • Ability to stream backed up music and videos (even if encrypted)
  • Ability to view all users under your account
  • View and access all backed up files and folders
  • Access encrypted files (requires encryption key)



Cloud Turtle


Cloud Turtle works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Cloud Turtle