Monitor Your Child’s Facebook Activity With Social Monitor (Parental Control & Protection)

Children are now more vulnerable to internet threats than ever before. Social networking website like Facebook are fast becoming a major source of scams and criminal elements searching for potential targets. Lately, there has been a lot of concern among many parents to make Facebook free of Pedophiles.

Social Monitor is a Facebook monitoring application, which can download important content regarding your child’s Facebook activity. This can also be used to monitor literally any friend from a list, however, as this is mainly a Parental Control software, so it is best suited for monitoring children’s activity. With Social Monitor, you can identify if your child is being exposed to violence, explicit or adult content and the like. see the below steps to understand how you can even check your children’s Facebook interactions, Inbox, Sent messages and so on.

To get started, click Add Child to start monitoring  Facebook account(s).


You will have to select either the Normal Mode or the Full Mode. The Normal Mode displays information from anyone from your Facebook list, therefore, your child needs to be added in your friend’s list. Whereas, the Full Mode provides more in depth information of an account, but for that you will need to enter your child’s Facebook password. While the latter may be viewed by your child as an invasion of privacy, however, it might be worth letting your child authorize this application in order to ensure that he is protected and under your proper monitoring. But if you want to be more discreet then the Normal Mode may be a better option. Its worth pointing out that you should make sure that your passwords are protected. See my posts regarding password retrieval to understand this threat.

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Once the app is authorized, select a username from your Facebook friend’s list to start monitoring (Normal Mode). You will not require selecting a list in the Full Mode.Select-Name

After that, you will  start receiving information regarding the selected user. All harmful words are highlighted in red color, such as the ones which which may depict violence, adult content, etc. For example, if your child has liked a Facebook page with adult content, joined such a group or one of his friends has had a status with explicit language, then this will be highlighted in red color. You can click on the link to further investigate the content.

Similarly, in the Full Mode, even the Inbox, Sent Messages and related personal information is scanned for potentially harmful content.


To further refine options, go to Settings and select content type to monitor. The available options include, downloading and checking links content and checking friends feeds.


You can also specify words from Stop Words tab to cross check if your child is being exposed to certain kind of harmful content which may have been overlooked by the software.  For example, you may wish to check for the word weapons, Prostitutes or guns to ensure that your child is not indulging in activities which may expose him/her to such content.

stop word

While you might end up getting links from Mafia Wars or movie links (such as movie names like Lethal Weapon), at other instance the retrieved content may be quite disturbing. Therefore, Social Monitor is worth using to get some sort of Parental Control ability over your child’s Facebook profile. You can also scan multiple profiles for monitoring them every now and then.

Social Monitor v1.0

To be able to monitor your child’s Facebook activity in an in-depth way,  it might be a good idea to ask your child to authorize this application, so that you can monitor his/her the hidden information, anytime by clicking on the Check button.

Social Monitor works on

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

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