Multi-Tabber Gives Ubuntu Style Virtual Desktops To Windows 7

Multi-Tabber is a free software which adds additional virtual desktops to Windows. It allows having up to 10 different virtual desktops which can be easily switched by small buttons above the taskbar. The virtual desktops are intangible and can be removed by exiting the application from  system tray. This can give your  Ubuntu Linux style work space switching functionality in Windows.

Once Multi-Tabber is installed, it displays three different virtual desktop buttons above the taskbar. You can click on any of the buttons to switch to a new desktop. See the below two desktops which are running separate programs in two desktops.

Desktop 1

Desktop 1

Desktop 2

Desktop 2

To add more workspaces or to change virtual desktop settings, go to Options menu from the system tray.


From here, the virtual desktop indicator button colors can be changed, along with, the number of virtual desktops to view simultaneously. You can also change virtual desktop indicator button position (e.g. Top, Left, Center, Right and Bottom of the desktop).


See the below images to get an idea as to how you can reduce taskbar clutter using  Multi-Tabber virtual desktops.

Virtual Desktops

Multi-Tabber is developed for

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Multi-Tabber