PasteBin Software – Save And Export Clipboard History To PasteBin is an online developers platform to store pieces of sources code or configuration information. It allows programmers to collaborate on their development modules. PasteBin is a portable software which is designed to help you save and manage your clipboard code history . It allows logging in from a Guest account which makes it possible to use PasteBin on office computers with limited user privileges. Moreover, you can also login to a PasteBin account to use a recognizable name to manage clipboard history.

To use PasteBin, past your clipboard items and click Submit.


In case you have accidentally removed your clipboard data from the Paste tab, you can retrieve it from the List tab by selecting Show option from right-click menu.

Context Menu

You can also create an account from the PasteBin website and get some extra features which provide the ability to delete saved data, by  using a recognizable username.


The  Allow button next to Submit (from Paste Tab) opens a drop down menu for setting a clipboard expiration time frame, adding a title for saved clipboard item and selecting paste exposure option (public or private) for your saved data.


To export clipboard data, click on Export option from the List tab and select a file format to save the data in. The supported formats include HTML, CSV, TXT and XML.


PasteBin works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download PasteBin