Prevent Computer From Going To Sleep During Downloads With Coffee Software

It can be quite annoying to switch between power plans to keep the computer awake during important downloading tasks, while keeping power settings for battery conservation.

Coffee is a free software which prevents your system from going to sleep when important downloads are running. This allows keeping power conserving options and getting rid of the annoyance of the system going into sleep mode due to inactivity while important tasks are being performed.

To configure your desired settings, launch this portable application and select you network adapter, followed by the download threshold and click Sleep Blockers. For example, if you select a threshold of 100Kbs, the computer will not go to sleep mode when there is a download rate of 100 KBs or more. Coffee allows you to keep a power plans which conserves battery life and at the same time provides the utility to keep the system awake, when there is a download running according to your selected download threshold.


So if you are tired of switching between power plans, then what better way to keep your computer awake (during important tasks), than to use Coffee. It works with

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Coffee