PwrDrain Identifies Causes Of Laptop Battery Drainage For Windows 7

PwrDrain is a battery power monitoring Windows 7 gadget. It is not just a power meter for displaying laptop battery usage. Instead, it allows identifying those applications and functions which may drain more batter power from your laptop. It warns you when a battery intensive software or action is initiated (such as increasing brightness of your display screen).

Pwr Drain

Like any sidebar gadgets, you can drag it around and place it in a convenient place on the PC desktop. This open source gadget is written in Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), CSS and JavaScript. To deliver accurate results, it uses values from WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) with the use of ACPI (Advanced Configuration and power interface). So if you are tired of frequent battery power drainage, then use this gadget to determine what might be reducing your laptop’s battery life.

After all, what might be better for identifying causes of battery drainage then “Pwr Drain”.

Note: Pwr Drain might not work with certain hardware types and has known to have some issues. The biggest complaint that most users have had is that the gauge does not work and no result is displayed.

Download PwrDrain (Note: The response of this gadget hasn’t been positive and it appears that it is unlikely to work for most users. After analyzing feeback and response from users across the internet, I have decided to add this note for the convenience of my readers).