Recover Undamaged Files From A Corrupt Zip Archives With Zip2Fix

When a compressed zip folder is corrupted, it is possible to recover some of the undamaged files. However, it can be difficult to identify files which might be recoverable. Corrupt zip archives can also face extraction issues, which makes it difficult to extract the compressed archive’s content. Moreover, conventional zip file extraction tools sometimes fail to extract the content of such corrupt archives. Luckily, there are some tools that provide a solution to this problem.

Zip2Fix is a portable application which extracts undamaged files from a ZIP file or folder, when some of the files inside the archive are salvageable. It quickly processes a compressed archive and creates a separate zip folder, containing the undamaged files. Zip2Fix can be used to recover files from ZIP and SFX files.

To begin extracting salvageable files,  select a damaged Zip or SFX archive and click Open (from the main interface of Zip2Fix).

Select File

This will begin processing the file, which usually takes up to just a few seconds. Once the compressed archive has been processed, the undamaged files will be extracted to a separate zip folder with “ZFX” added to the file’s name.

Zip2Fix 1.0

The newly created ZFX folder will be located in the same system location, as the original file. For example, if the original file was present on the desktop, then the ZFX folder will also be saved on the desktop. You can extract the new (ZFX) file and utilize the undamaged files.


Zip2Fix works on the following Windows operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Zip2Fix