Scan Documents Remotely & Save To Google Docs With CloudScan

CloudScan is a cloud based scanner for sharing your scanner across the network for scanning and saving documents remotely. To use it, you will first have to download and install CloudScan setup on a Windows or Mac computer connected to the scanner. After that, you can either run the scanner directly from the developer’s website or from a setup to start a remote scan. The scanned files can be saved in PDF or TIFF format or sent to a Google Docs account.

Once you run CloudScan, it will automatically search your network for the PC where CloudScan is installed (the one connected to the scanner) and redirect you to the scanning page. Normally, the IP of the scanner on the network will be  detected, in case it is not identified, you can enter the IP Address of the PC manually from Settings.


You can optionally change the scan resolution and manage other settings from Scan tab.


Click Scan to initiate the scanning process. This will scan the document present in the remote scanner and provide a completion prompt when the scanning process is complete.

Scan Complete

The slider at the bottom of the interface can be used to zoom scanned document for preview. If you have multiple scanners connected to the PC, select the default scanner from the drop down menu. You can save the scanned document in PDF or TIFF format or send it to Google Docs account from the Save button.


CloudScan can be used for scanning documents on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Mac

Download CloudScan