sFTP to MainFrame not working

Question : sFTP to MainFrame not working


When I try to FTP to Mainframe it is throwing following error. Please help ASAP.

ftp> put gl_extr_16_04012010  ‘DBCOGL.XCE.MONTHLY.t1’
local: gl_extr_16_04012010 remote: ‘DBCOGL.XCE.MONTHLY.t1′
227 Entering Passive Mode (172,21,248,9,164,238)
550-SVC99 RETURN CODE=4 S99INFO=0 S99ERROR=38656 HEX=9700 S99ERSN code X’00000402’.
550 Unable to create data set DBCOGL.XCE.MONTHLY.T1 for STOR command.
ftp> put gl_extr_16_04012010  ‘DBCOGL.XCE.MONTHLY.t1’


Solution: sFTP to MainFrame not working

You need check the syslog.  It seem there is a RACF failure during SMS processing.  More than likely you are not authorized create a file by that name.