Switch Between Windows 8 Metro UI & Classic Start Menu In One Click

Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle is a free software which allows you to toggle between the Metro Start screen and the Classic start menu in Windows 8 Developer Preview. Users who may find the half baked Metro UI annoying might find this portable application useful. It also makes Start menu switching tasks easy which I’m sure many users will appreciate since Windows 8 is still in its raw form. Using this simple software, you can avoid performing any registry hack and switch between the Windows 7 classic start menu and Metro UI with the click of a button.

Just launch the portable setup file and use the button on the main interface of this software to toggle between the Metro and Windows 7 Classic Start Menu. It seems that Windows 8 development has started in a matter of merely 24 hours after the developer’s build was released. Lets hope that we see more of these great applications for Windows 8. In case you would like to only partially disable Metro UI in Windows 8, then check out: Metro Controller software.


Note: Run this application as administrator.

Additional Requirements: Win 8 may require you to download and install the .Net 3.5.1 run-times.

Post Update: This tool might not work with newer Windows 8 builds as it was originally designed for Windows 8 Developer’s Preview. You can check out the ViStart application instead.

Download Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle