Translate Text From Any Program And Language With Transmiti

Transmiti is a portable free software which is capable of translating text from any program, including text editors, word processors, browsers with no native translation support (such as Firefox, Opera and Safari), Instant Messengers, etc. It can translate highlighted text or complete documents using a simple hotkey. You can either copy the translation or replace the current text with the translated one. Transmiti works in a similar way to the previously reviewed Linguarde. Transmiti is powered by Google and all translations are provided via Google Translate.

Transmiti sits in the system tray and requires being launched whenever you require translating text. As you can see in the below screenshot, text was translated from WordPad, which does not have native translation support. To Translate text, highlight the text and hit the Windows key from the keyboard. This will provide the translated text in a pop-up window.


To change translation preferences, double click on the  the system tray icon. From the Settings and Settings II tabs, select the language in which the text is to be translated to. You can leave the Translate From option to Automatic, (so that the current language can be detected automatically by Transmiti) or select a preferred input language. The Additional action drop down menu provides the choice to either automatically copy the translated text or to replace the current text with the translated text. The default hotkey for translating text (as mentioned earlier) is the Windows key, however, you can change it by selecting an alternative key from the drop down menu (e.g. F2). You can also enable Transmiti to be launched at system start up and enable Google Dictionary support.

Settings 1

Transmiti can be used with browsers as well. The procedure for translating text is the same as for desktop programs.


Transmiti works with

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

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