Problem: short-term packet loss

Problem: short-term packet loss

I’m having issues with my network. Machines seem to randomly drop off line for a moment. I have run Intermapper and EtherPeek to view and capture network traffic.

Intermapper tells me machines are having “short-term packet loss”. I don’t know much about packet capturing so I don’t know what to look for or how to make sense of all this. How can I track down what is causing packet loss.

Please help in simple terms. Thanks.

Solution: short-term packet loss

It’s now how old the server is, it is how busy it is that causes performance problems.  Although I would find it hard to overwhelm any recently purchased (last 3 years) server that is just DC/DNS/DHCP/WINS in most enviroment today.

It looks almost like there is something on the network that is configured to spoof MAC addresses and send out ICMP port unreachable messages.

What I would suggest is that you run a packet capture from .14, see if it is in fact sending out the port unreachable messages.  If .14 is sending these out, then you have to start digging there.

If .14 is NOT sending these out, then it looks like you have something on your network that is configured to monitor at least traffic to .14 and send out port unreachable messages for UDP 53.   That will be real fun to track down. :)