How To Root Kindle Fire Running Software Version 6.3

We have seen a number of software updates by Amazon for its Kindle Fire tablets. These updates always bring some new features, which are meant to improve Kindle Fire functionality and provide a better user experience. However, as is the case with every update, the users who have rooted their Kindle Fire devices end up loosing root access. In a previous post I showed you How to Regain Root Access For Kindle Fire After Update 6.2.2. In this post I will walk you through the process to gain root access after software update 6.3 or devices running software update 6.3. If you would like to know about the new features that this update will bring to your Kindle Fire tablet, then check out the New Features Of Kindle Fire Update 6.3.

If you are wondering about the benefits of rooting a Kindle Fire device, it allows you to access sensitive operating system files and also to access thousands of application from the Google Play Store (formerly known as the Android Market).

kindle-fire-rootDisclaimer: Please follow  the below given guide at your own risk. WML Cloud and it’s team will not be responsible if your device gets damaged or bricked during the below mentioned process.


Please Note: Before you follow this guide, you will need ADB and Fastboot. To find out more about ADB, refer to this link or see more details at the XDA Developer’s Forum link given at the end of this post.


Start by downloading the required files from the links given above, and unzip all three of them in a single folder. Once done, open a Command Prompt (for Windows) or Terminal, navigate to the folder where you unzipped the downloaded files, connect your Kindle Fire device to your computer via USB and run the commands given at the XDA Developer’s Forum Link given below.

Note: The commands given in the below link that start with ADB or Fastboot will have to be entered in the Command Prompt or Terminal window.

For complete instructions, required commands and any queries, refer to the XDA Developer’s Forum link.

Root Kindle Fire Running Software Version 6.3 [XDA Developers Forum]