4 Simple Ways to Hack Your Child’s WhatsApp in 2020

WhatsApp is another headache that parents of today’s era are having. If you don’t know why, dig the internet a little bit and you will find tons of incidents where a child, along with the family, has faced endless troubles just because of a wrong WhatsApp message. 

This is why experts say your children’s WhatsApp activity should be closely monitored. But, it is even possible when your kids keep the phone locked? Don’t worry. We have something that might help you with this. 

In this post, we are going to talk about four simple ways to hack your child’s WhatsApp. Each app is ultra-modern and is designed to put a stop to excessing the use of WhatsApp. Scroll down to know more about them. 

#1 – Spyic 

Spyic is the first option that we will mention while telling you how to hack WhatsApp by phone number.

Designed with the world’s most famed and cut-above technology, this app is here to help every parent who is struggling hard to gain an insight into their kids’ WhatsApp activities.  

This parental control app has been trusted by over a million people already and has gained unbeatable recognition at the global level. Presently, its service is available in 190 countries without any hassle and worries. 

Many leading media houses such as Forbes, PCMag, and CNET have praised it in full swing. If you are keen to know the process to hack WhatsApp by phone number using Spyic, this post will help. Here, we will give you an overview of some of its key qualities. 

Spyic’s assistance is without any risks

Effortlessly, Spyic eliminates all the traditional risks of WhatsApp spying and makes it an entirely safe process. It’s because of its ability to work without rooting/jailbreak. 

Yes, it never follows the old-school means of spying. Hence, risks like damaged OS or compromised security will no longer haunt you. WhatsApp spying will be an entirely safe and secure process.

Also, it doesn’t save data on the server and let any cyber world vulnerability hamper data security. Your crucial data will always be in a safe hand.

WhatsApp spy is a piece of cake with it 

Gone those days when you have to be an expert to taste success in WhatsApp spying. It’s 2020 and things are very advanced. Spyic is using one such highly advanced interface for WhatsApp spying job. 

For iOS devices, it offers a 100% web-based interface that demands no set-up and installation. Only a data-driven device, internet connection, and iCloud credentials are needed for this task. 

If your child is using an Android device then Spyic offers a user-friendly interface for this task. The app is compact in size and can be at your service within 5 minutes. 

The set-up procedure is standard and doesn’t involve any complexities. Any novice can become a WhatsApp hacking expert with this tool. 

You will never get caught 

There is nothing as embarrassing as getting caught by your kid while fetching WhatsApp spying details. 

Spyic will never let you face this embarrassment. It will always protect you. To be sure at this front, Spyic has a web-based interface and stealth mode. All these things will help you maintain the secrecy of the task. 

Spyic fetches quality data 

With Spyic, quality is a sure thing as it will capture data in real-time. No detail is missed and tempered. The attached timestamps are the biggest proof of the data quality of this WhatsApp tracker. 

The data will be delivered directly on the dashboard. Hence, no way that it would be tempered. 

Spyic is cost-effective 

Despite such extensive and world-class facilities, Spyic never charges you heavily. All of its subscriptions are very cost-effective and feature-rich. 

If you choose its premium package then your monthly charges with that would be only $10 per month. Yes, it’s that much cost-effective. Alongside this, it allows you to spy on more than one device at a time. 

#2 – Spyier 

Spyier is a best-in-class WhatsApp hacker that people can easily bank upon when they have to find out the activities happening over WhatsApp without anyone letting them know about it. 

With this WhatsApp tracker, no high-end technical competency and a big budget are needed for WhatsApp tracking. 


Spyier is made for 2020 as: 

  • Its technology is the latest and nothing to do with rooting and jailbreak. 
  • It is compatible with all the leading devices and platforms. 
  • Taking its help will help you get a detailed insight into others WhatsApp activities. It will help you track the media, text, and notes shared over WhatsApp.

#3 – Minspy 

Next on the list is Minspy which is futuristic and feature-rich. We and many other leading media houses have praised it for its risk-free and cut-above WhatsApp spying capabilities that stands second to none. 

End-users of Minspy can easily enjoy the facilities like instant data delivery, no cyber risks during online monitoring, secret operations, and compatibility across all the platforms. 

With Minspy, things are quality-driven because: 

  • It works without rooting/jailbreak 
  • It can monitor the targeted WhatsApp account from miles away  
  • Its assistance in real-time 

#4 – Spyine 

 Spyine is here to make WhatsApp spying possible for everyone. With its simplified WhatsApp hacking process, any novice can accomplish this job with full perfection. 

Spyine is on our list because of its: 

  • Ability to fetch and operate remotely. It won’t force you to stay around your kids always to fetch the spying details. 
  • Extensive features that never leave anything. From media to status, it fetches every single detail in real-time.  
  • Cost-effective services that won’t make you rob the bank. Your monthly expense with it is only $10 per month.

Ending notes 

Though WhatsApp access is important, one shouldn’t let a child use it without any monitoring. The consequences could be very serious. 

With the help of modern-era apps like Spyic and rest three others, one needs not to be a hacking expert to find out the truth that their kids are trying to hide in their WhatsApp. They all are very high-end and come with an impeccable track record. 

Give them a try and have less strenuous parenthood.