Problem : Not Enough Memory for File Map

Problem : Not Enough Memory for File Map

I am trying to figure out what may cause this error.

We are programming with Visual FoxPro 6.0, and have certain processes that give the ‘Not Enough Memory for File Map’ error.

Processes:  We are simplying moving data from one VFP table to another for a certain range of data.  The table we are getting data FROM is about 1.2 GB.  We have been running this process for over 2 years, and only recently have started expericing problems.

Hardware Specs:  This has come up under 2 enviornments.
1. Windows 2000 SP3, 1 GB RAM, 2 2 GHz Processors, 180 GB HD (over 100 GB free)
2. Win NT 4 SP 6a, 256 MB RAM, 1 800 MHz Process, 18 GB HD  (8 GB free)

Any ideas or these to try are greatly appreciated!


Solution: Not Enough Memory for File Map

I think I just saw some info that may be able to fix your large table problems.  The documentation on this SYS function say it applies to VFP6, VFP7 and VFP8.  So, you should be in luck.

The operation one person was doing was a large APPEND FROM.  However, I suppose if you’re having a problem with a different command that involves a large table, that command might be interchangeable with what you want to use in place of APPEND FROM::

(1) Issue a SYS(1104) immediately before the APPEND command.

(2) Try issuing a sys(3050, )  before the APPEND command, and set it back after.
SYS(3050) – Set Buffer Memory Size