Problem : OLE error code 0x8002802b

Problem : OLE error code 0x8002802b

I have a VFP 7.0 application running over a corporate network. The application is access through 2 Citrix machines which are load balanced. When the users login to run the application they may connect to one of the two Citrix boxes. This application has run with out problem on the two Citrix boxes for over a year. Now on one of the boxes the application will start, however when the user selects a form the application terminates with the following error: ERROR 1426 OLE error code 0x8002802b: Element not found. We are not getting this error on the other Citrix machine, in order to keep everyone working we have disabled logins on the machine giving the error.


Solution : OLE error code 0x8002802b

Check everything related to temp files and folders. Some failed installation processes (OFFICE) somehow manage to mark the temp folder as a system file which spoofs fox – your only choice is delete the folder and recreate it since the system file attribute IS NOT AVAILABLE to set on folders anyway – it should be read only FALSE not readonly TRUE.

Next thing to try – ohter possible differences between the boxes:
Example: form references an icon by explicit path – not relative path like c:somepath and that folder or some file in it has been removed from one box.

Look for similarities in the forms that break (like they all use a calendar control) then check versions of that control on both boxes (changes in MSCAL.ocx have killed us before when another app installed a different version).