How Big Data Is Changing The Casino Industry: What You Should Know

The online gambling sector is evolving thanks to digital technologies, and together with them, it is constantly changing and renewing itself. The big changes in technology, from high-speed connections, to graphics and animation, also affect the AMMS online casino industry. Industry operators cannot afford to be left behind. 

But keeping up with technological developments is not the only factor that matters. For better player experiences, online casinos for real money understand that big data is a fundamental element to adapt to the public’s needs continuously. To satisfy an increasingly particular demand for games, to be able to anticipate trends and desires.

Big Data can offer an answer to these needs. These are huge volumes of information being produced in the digital world. These virtual mountains of data, properly scanned, offer answers to questions such as: what do players want?

How does Big Data work in the gaming world)?

There is a sector that has experienced, from the early 90s to today, all the evolutions of the previous industrial revolution: slot machines, from old three-reel containers, have become increasingly complex, sophisticated, and technological systems. Today we hear about gamification, certifying an evolution of slot machines that is increasingly similar to video games. 

Today, a slot machine, physical and online above all, contains the best of the technology of the last 25 years., Big Data took care of it, whose real boom took place in the year that is now coming to an end. But what is Big Data?

Briefly, it is large computer archives with the technological DNA of a user, with a value comparable to oil but even more: the whole economy, by now, is based on these large containers, several times larger than a normal database that analyze data and offer in fact services to understand how, when and where to invest billions of dollars.

It starts from what people, and even the players, do on the web, how they behave, what likes they put, what they look at, where they click. All related data are collected and then re-elaborated, crossed with each other. The results, in this case, are used by online gambling operators. The goal is to respond to the needs and requests of the players, even before they formulate them. Offer safe and personalized online casinos.

What is it about? 

The mechanism mainly used is machine learning, one of the most exploited fields by companies when it comes to Big Data. It is a study that allows us to predict user behavior and, at the same time to enhance all aspects that increase the degree of interaction and customer loyalty. 

Machine learning is a fundamental component in developing online slot machines and all other online legal gambling games. It also helps improve user-based bids and ads.

But not only. Let’s find out about different ways casinos use big data.

In many areas of online gambling, Big Data is a practice that produces many benefits. For example, Big Data analysis is used by betting operators to establish the best odds. But the benefits of Big Data can also be experienced by players, who, for example, could use them to predict the outcome of sporting events. Today many online resources provide results based on Big Data analysis.

One of the areas in which data analysis is most used is that of marketing. Using the information to get to know your subscribers allows you to customize offers and promotions. And it is the casino customers themselves who provide this information every time they sign up, log in, play, and spend time on online casino sites.

We often hear about cookies. We read warnings about them every time we browse a website. When we consent to cookies, we are giving the ok for that site to collect information about us. And it is thanks to the use of cookies, online gambling operators know everything about the players and understand their preferences. This way, they can offer what they like and gain loyalty.

Big Data is not only available to the casino marketing industry and can have other uses as well. A new goal towards which the use of these algorithms is being directed is to understand the problematic play.

In the case of online gambling, a player leaves traces to play. Trails that can be followed. He logs into the gaming site, provides personal data, deposits money, withdraws it, spends hours playing. 

By combining all this data, it is possible to monitor players’ behavior and use this information to prevent problems related to the game. Paradoxically, in terms of knowledge, those who play in the invisibility of the web are more visible than those who go to a slot and VLT room.

So the abundance of data is not only at the service of certified online casinos, but it can also be a tool that can foster a healthy gaming mode. Preventing pathological gambling is better than having to resolve its effects later. And it can be done using Big Data analysis tools, methodologies, and practices, already tested in other sectors.