The Most Popular Online Slots in 2021

Slot machines are the most popular aspect of any casino, whether it be in a land-based super venue like the MGM or on your favourite online site.

As such, new and exciting slots are constantly in production and in 2021 so far, we have been treated to a great selection of online slots. If you have had a hiatus from gambling in January and are looking to get back into the swing of things, or just want to try something new, read on for our list of the very best slots of the year so far.

Buffalo Blitz

Want to feel like you’re on your very own gameshow? Give the new and improved Buffalo Blitz a go!

This game might sound familiar to the avid slot player because it was actually released five years ago. However, Buffalo Blitz has undergone a dramatic makeover this year. 

There was nothing particularly wrong with the original game, which was set in the sprawling lowland of Prairie America. But the latest incarnation blows the old one out of the water to make Buffalo Blitz the most exciting and engaging slot of the year.

The new and updated Buffalo Blitz Slot uses innovative technology released by slot developers Playtech to bring players the world’s first ever cross-vertical concept slot. 

What does this mean? Well cross-vertical concept is the fancy way of saying that Buffalo Blitz is now played live, with a gameshow-esque slot featuring a host and commentary. All participating players take part in a single game together, with the action streamed to their devices from a live studio.

If you want to take your slots game experience up a notch, look no more, we have found this veteran UK operator with a huge selection of both their own exclusive games along with top of the line games from the leading producers. Their online slots portfolio includes the latest sensation, Buffalo Blitz live slot, and a variety of big jackpots. 

The Wolf’s Den

Werewolves have played a prominent role in horror for the past 100 years, terrifying movie lovers, book readers and now slots players. The Wolf’s Den is produced by industry giants NetEnt and set in a sleepy village that is terrorised by a horrifying werewolf.

When you start playing the 5-reel, 10-payline slot, the first thing that will stand out is the effort the development team have put in to produce such a visually stunning game. 

The colour scheme, icon graphics and general feel of the game speak volumes about the craft and imagination of the NetEnt team.

Their dedication to creating a truly immersive gaming experience doesn’t mean that they’ve gone easy on features though. The Wolf’s Den has a brilliant ‘Pick & Click’ feature that takes the RNG right out of prize winning, by allowing the player to pick their own prizes.

This combined with the stunning visuals of the slot makes it perhaps the best horror game to play this year.

Eclipse of the Sun God

Follow the legendary Aztec Sun God in an epic search for treasure in this hot new slot.

The Inca civilization of South and Central America worshipped Inti, the powerful and benevolent sun god. While Inti was usually good natured and caring to the Inca, he displayed his wrath and vengeance to his followers during a solar eclipse.

This is the theme that Eclipse of the Sun God Slot explores as we follow intrepid explorer Cat Wilde on her adventures to Central America in search of her fortune.

While this sort of theme is not new to slots fans, what makes this particular slot worth playing is the way that it successfully incorporates the theme where so many others have failed.

There are great graphics, a suspense-raising soundtrack and a whole host of exciting features and icons to make your gaming session as fun as possible.

Force of Nature

In this game, the terrifying destruction of nature is put under the microscope as tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and electric storms ravage players of the Leander Games slot.

You might expect a dark theme from a game focusing on the devastation that nature can cause, but from the off you’ll be greeted with a rather peaceful, tropical setting.

Things change quickly and dramatically though as different elemental features are triggered. What’s even better than the theme is the above average RTP of 96.22% with some chunky, big paying symbols.

Shields of Rome

The travails of Ragnar Lothbrok and his Norse men may be better known than the Roman Empire thanks to the success of hit TV show, but this slot pays homage to the might and strength of the Romans.

Someone at Playtech must have a real affinity to the Romans as the effort that has gone into making this slot a celebrated tribute is truly mind-boggling.

As the name would suggest, the slot is about all things Rome and no stone has been left unturned in the pursuit of making this game as authentic as possible.

In terms of gameplay, Shields of Rome offers players plenty of chances to win. It might not have the high payouts of better-known games, but for the gameplay and graphics alone this slot is well worth a play.