Problem: download and extract linux817ee.tar.gz

Question : download and extract linux817ee.tar.gz

I have downloaded the linux817ee.tar.gz file, it has 30,124,904 bites. Double clicked the file, there were 176 .jar files in the winzip window. When I extracted the file using winzip, it gave the error message: Error reading D:..linux817ee.tar. Possible cause: bad disk.The last tow lines in the winzip’s log file is as follows:
Extracting ordvid_demo.0.0.jar
Error reading D:Huangdownloadoracle8ioracle8.1.7linux817ee.tar.  Possible cause: bad disk
Any help is appreciated.


Solution: download and extract linux817ee.tar.gz

Use downloading agents, e.g. flashget, getright, to prevent broken downloading.  The agents can resume to reget the file if the downloading is broken.

Also, better to not download the file via proxy