MS SQL Server

Problem: Sql sechduled job is failing

Problem: Sql sechduled job is failing Executed as user: a\sqlservice. …age_Cleanup_BizTalkMsgBoxDb (from User A\sqlservice) refused because the job already has a pending request from Schedule 13 . [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 22022)  Job ‘MessageBox_Message_Cleanup_BizTalkMsgBoxDb’ started successfully. […]


Problem : WindowHide error

Problem : WindowHide error How can I fix this error…when i double click on my .mdb file I get the following error instead of the database application running… db comes up saying the command or […]


Problem: MGMT_USER

Problem: MGMT_USER How do I recreate the MGMT_USER package?  I ran catproc.sql and it didn’t work.  I’m on Oracle 10.2.0 Solution: MGMT_USER I came up with this thread from a user blog.  MGMT_USER is needed […]