Question : SQL Server 2008 Image to File (textcopy.exe)

Question : SQL Server 2008 Image to File (textcopy.exe)

I currently have a SQL Server 2000 database and we are storing small graphics in the database.  No problem getting them in, we use an ADO stream.  Very fast!!  No worries there.  We use TextCopy.exe to move the images to a file and then email.  No worries there either.

Now I’m working on a SQL Server 2008 database and I can stream the images to the database all day long, but I can’t find the TextCopy command anywhere in the install.  Did they remove it from 2008?  Is there a better way to take am graphic from an image field and put it to file?
I’ve been searching the web and EE and seem to be hitting a dead end.  Can someone please point me in the right direction?



Solution : SQL Server 2008 Image to File (textcopy.exe)

and try SSIS