asa 5505 connection limit exceeded

Question : asa 5505 connection limit exceeded

After connecting through the client VPN on my ASA 5505 I can only remote desktop (RDP) sporadically to a few of my servers.  At first I can’t ping or remote into my Windows server but after 5 or 10 minutes I can and then 5 or so minutes (it varies) I will get disconnected from the RDP session – the VPN stays up and I can ping other servers on the internal network.

Anyone know of an answer to this.

Last time this happened I logged into the 5505 logs and noticed there are 2 messages that may be causing this:

1.  Syslog ID 201011:  Connection limit exceeded….   or
2.  [ Scanning] drop rate-1 exceeded.  Current burst rate is 10 per second, max configured rate is 10; Current average rate is 11 per second, max configures rate is 5; Cumulative total count is 6789.

How do I get rid of these errors?  I think if I fix these errors my RDP problem may go away.



Solution: asa 5505 connection limit exceeded

Yes you should keep that policy, the inspection is critical to allowing deep packet inspection and correct classification of certain kinds of traffic for advanced routing and filtering features.

Your config looks good. I scanned it thoroughly and see no problems with it.

BTW – you should NEVER have to power cycle an ASA unless you’re upgrading the software or the activation key. Just letting you know. 🙂 These devices are designed to run for years without stopping provided you don’t reboot them – even when the config is completely changed you shouldn’t ever have to reboot it.

Do you have SmartNET contract with Cisco? If you do I think it is time to involve TAC. If you don’t, it is about $70 a year for the 5505 and is well worth it – next business day warranty and unlimited 24×7 support – they WILL solve your issue if it is solveable – I’ve had cases where one tech stayed on the phone with me for like 20 hours over 2 days. Submit this as a severity 1 request and they will not hang up the phone until this is resolved. They will stay on it for days without hanging up if necessary. TAC is the best tech support I’ve ever seen.