Best Fortnite Streamers

Best Fortnite Streamers

Fortnite is becoming one of the biggest games that are being streamed on various platforms. There are various online platforms available that provide online streaming of the games. Twitch, HitBox, Beam, Youtube Gaming, etc are some of them. Fortnite streaming is growing fastly among them. Fortnite has brought a revolutionary change in the game streaming industry.

There are many world-class streamers of the game present in this era. People love to watch them playing. Some are lucky enough to play with them. Some of the most popular streamers of Fortnite are discussed below:


Dakotaz is one the best players and streamers of the game present out there. He uses the Twitch platform for streaming purposes. He has a huge fan following. One thing that has increased his fan following is that he never uses face-cam. It has kept him mysterious.

Apart from his technical skills, he also pays attention to his audience. He listens to the fellow players and his followers.


Ninja is one of the fast-growing names in the Fortnite streaming industry. He is a great player. If we keep his playing skills aside, he also has a charming personality. People are attracted to him due to his aura. He has streamed with many celebrities including Drake, Travis Scott, and many others.

He has got the most number of views to his streaming on Twitch. Now, Ninja does not take part in gaming events anymore. Though he has won many of them in the past.


BenjyFishy is also a great name in the streaming industry. He is a brilliant Fortnite player. At the age of 17, BenjyFishy is considered the competitive player of Fortnite. To pursue his gaming passion, he has to leave his studies. His parents supported him by seeing his passion and future in gaming.

He has a big fan club. Many young children are getting inspired by him and they are starting to figure out a career in this field. Apart from this, his gaming skills are also great. People love to watch and play with him.


TimTheTatman is one of the biggest streamers of Fortnite. He is a very competitive player as well. However, he does not focus on the competitive side of the game, instead, he just plays the game for fun. He does the streaming for the same purpose. He thinks that he can interact with people through streaming. His skill level is high after playing Fortnite for a living for so long, but he doesn’t count as one of the best players. He has done well in the limited competitions that he competes in, but he plays many different games rather than concentrating on just one.

So, these were some of the best players of the game. Through hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve status like anyone of them. By collecting rewards in the game, you can increase the player level of your id. There are various online forums available, where players can get rewards or player ids. One of the most reliable sources is You can enhance your gaming skills by getting help from Eldorado.