3 Unusual Indie Horror Games You Haven’t Played

Today, everyone can find games to play. Those looking for something simple should pay attention to Apple Arcade releases and users wishing to try their luck can play live casino Philippines games. There are also thousands of games in each genre, and these 3 are the best if you are looking for something scary.   


This shooter is as good as Quake and Doom. If you were sitting in front of your PC all day long trying to find all the secrets in your favorite shooter, then this game is exactly for you.

The graphics are stylized to those same games from the 90’s, but with excellent volumetric lighting and effects. Your first computer would definitely not pull it off! In general, the variety of weapons, locations and enemies as if taken from the fantasies of teenagers of that time. Moreover, there are references to the pop-culture of the 90’s and 00’s scattered everywhere.

There are a lot of down-to-earth locations in the game, such as a small American village with a cornfield, dozens of interesting guns that can be found in secret rooms, and everyone around you will attack you, from rats and scarecrows to cyborgs and demons.

Using retro stylization the developers didn’t stop at just nostalgia. There are a lot of unusual modifiers which can transform the gameplay, there is multiplayer and the levels are so diverse that after playing Quake Remaster you wonder about the monotony of the locations. 

No One Lives Under the Lighthouse

This game was supposed to be released on PlayStation 2, but now it looks fresh and unusual. It is the graphics that draw attention in the first place because this style has already become archaic, but has not managed to become a trend for indie developers. Despite the low-polygonality, you will get scared in the game almost immediately.

The story tells about a small mysterious island with a lighthouse, where your protagonist comes to. From now on you are the lighthouse keeper, and the man with food will come in a week. The first morning you find strange black stains around the house, which you diligently wash off with a rag. There’s more to come.

The game piles on not only its visual and sound style, but also the gameplay itself, where you have to actually do your household chores despite the damn things around you. You won’t lunge at crowds of demons with a shotgun, but you will walk carefully to the lighthouse, refuel the lamp, clean up the dirt, and hold the cross in front of the source of terror, for it is the only weapon in your hands.


A unique project that can be described as interactive video art. It is a free project in which you are immersed in September 1999, or rather, in the viewfinder of a VHS camera. In just a few minutes, you become a witness, participant, and even victim of a terrible story.

The game is scary with the pace of its narrative, the closed environment and a sense of presence, which is achieved by realistic graphics. Despite its lack of mechanics and short duration, the game absolutely does not feel like a techno-demo, but goes beyond the video game space, and lends itself quietly to analysis in the context of contemporary art.