8 ball pool online: Get your instant pool fix in a few taps

8 ball pool is one of the most entertaining games around. It can keep you engaged for hours, and it is the best way to spend your free time. The game challenges gamers to refine their talents and inspire their competitive spirit. If you need a fun game to unwind and relax, hit some breathtaking shots and pocket some object balls to feel de-stressed. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to brave the traffic or find the time to head to the 8 ball pool parlors to pass your time. That’s where free online 8 ball pool games come in handy. 

Play 8 ball pool online for a rewarding and challenging experience. With a few taps, you can get your instant pool fix whenever and wherever. All you need to do is download and install the game on your device. Create a new account to sign up and ensure a stable Internet connection. After that, you can play 8 ball pool while on the move, standing in line, or waiting for the doctor. You can even play multiplayer 8 ball pool online, where you’ll get matched with random online opponents. Both of you will get a separate board to play on and won’t share the same board. Nonetheless, you can see your opponent’s score on top of your screen and play the game to score higher accordingly. 

How to play an online pool game?

  • Play free games against real online players to hone your skills and learn the rules. Once you are confident of your skills, you can participate in contests and tournaments. You can choose to join either 1VN or 1V1 cash contests or join a tournament. You’ll have to submit an entry fee for tournaments, and you will automatically be matched with an opponent.
  • You need to rotate the cue stick and adjust the angle to ensure that you can successfully pocket an object ball with every shot. You can rotate the cue stick by tapping and dragging it. The cue stick can be tapped and dragged anywhere on the game screen, including behind the cue ball. 
  • On the game screen, you’ll see a force bar. You need to drag that bar to strike the cue. It will determine the force of your shot. The bigger your pull on the force bar, the greater the force will be. You must remember that not all shots require a lot of force to pocket the object balls. You need to gauge the object ball’s position and decide on the force of your strike accordingly. 
  • The game is time-based, and you need to pocket all the object balls, including the 8 ball, within the 3-minute time limit. Unlike in traditional pool games, you can pocket the 8 ball anytime in online pool games. There’s no sequence of pocketing the object balls that you have to follow. The only rule is to pocket all the balls before the timer runs out. 

Common fouls in online 8 ball pool 

  • You lose a life if you fail to pocket an object ball. The game demands that an object ball be pocketed in every shot. 
  • If you pocket the cue ball, you lose a life. The game ends when you lose all three lives. 
  • When a cue ball is potted, the player cannot decide on the cue ball’s position on the game board. The cue ball goes straight to the head string or head sport. The players cannot adjust the cue ball’s position, so you must not pocket it. 

Helpful tips to ace online pool games 

  • Extend the aim of your cue stick 

Get a piece of paper to extend the aim and play pool like a pro. When lining up your shot, you’ll see that the direction markers are not always making it to the pocket. You can fill the space by holding up a piece of paper and following the direction markers. It will guarantee the ultimate accuracy when taking your shots. 

  • Playing free practice games must not be skipped 

Most pro pool players will tell you to take your time before playing a shot. But when the game is time-based, it can get difficult to take your sweet time lining up your shot and then hitting the ball. Even if this trick works to pocket all the object balls, you will run out of time and might not win against your opponent. 

The trick is to play a lot of practice games against real opponents and improve the accuracy of your shots while playing quickly. It will guarantee you a win when you are participating in tournaments. 

  • Utilize the spins at the right time 

The online game integrates three spin physics, including top spin, bottom spin, and side spin. However, don’t randomly add spin to your shots because you can. Ensure to use them in a timely fashion so they make the most impact and help you pocket the object balls at your desired pockets. 

  • Watch out for the multipliers before pocketing the balls

When the game starts, all the pockets on the table have a 10x multiplier. After taking your first shot, the multiplier for each of the pockets changes and rotates in a clockwise direction. So, keep an eye out for which pocket has the maximum multiplier before taking your shot. 

So, don’t wait anymore to download the game and enjoy your favorite game without any location or time constraints. Play online and play whenever you want!