An intriguing new Raid Battle feature has been leaked for Pokemon GO

new Pokemon GO Raid Battle feature

A new Raid Battle feature is rumored to be in the works for Pokemon GO, adding an extra layer of excitement to battles for trainers.

An intriguing new Raid Battle feature has been leaked for Pokemon GO

A leak from Pokemon GO reveals a promising new feature for Raid Battles. To make playing Pokemon GO more enjoyable, Niantic has been updating the game with new features and functions. Game events, new Pokemon, items, and modes of play encourage players to get inventive when building their teams and formulating their strategies.

Playing in Raid Battles is a lot of fun, and it’s a nice change of pace from walking around to find and capture Pokemon. Trainers can challenge other Trainers of a different raid type to fight a specific Pokemon in a group battle. One example is the recent return of Elite Raids, a more challenging variant of standard raids, which brought the legendary Regidrago to Pokemon GO. Players are already familiar with the mechanics of Raid Battles because they know what to expect from this game mode. However, a new Pokemon GO leak suggests that this may soon change due to the introduction of a new feature.

Recently, several features planned for Pokemon GO, such as move modifiers for Raid Battles, were revealed on the PokeMiners website. The leakers claim that these modifiers change a move’s performance in combat and that a wide variety of factors can trigger them. Conditions based on cooldown (can only use it every X times), usage (can be used X times), and the present moment (when the boss is at a certain HP percentage) are some examples that have been speculated. If Niantic decides to implement two well-known mechanisms from the main series, the leakers stress that this is the way to do it. One is the Z-Moves from Pokemon Sun and Moon, and the second is the Gigantamax Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield.

A new raid type for Pokemon GO has been rumored to be in the works, so there’s hope for players there. The leakers don’t know when move modifiers will be implemented, but they say it won’t be a raid-only feature. The leaks point out that move modifiers will also be added to Pokemon GO’s PvP, though there is no information on how the feature will work in this case.

Move modifiers could change how raids are played, which would make them more interesting. It’s something that might force players to come up with new ideas and ways to play, which makes it more difficult. This also demonstrates that Niantic is actively working on Pokemon GO, bringing content that makes the game more dynamic and enjoyable for players.