Best Strategy Games in 2022

The strategy genre is a large and strong beast in the world of gaming, with roots dating back to the dawn of civilization. The genre gained popularity as the gaming industry grew rapidly, providing game creators with unparalleled technical flexibility to create exhilarating experiences for players to make decisions. It’s the ideal opportunity to pause and think about some of the most effective gaming methods that have captivated us with their presence.

If you enjoy strategy games, here is the list for you. This article will go through some of the most anticipated strategy games that will be released this year. 2022 will be a big year for new video games, and here are some titles to keep an eye on. Don’t place too much stock in the ranking. New games may change the list when they are released. It is always an opinionated list. Consider this a collection of best Strategy games that you might be interested in.

1. Frostpunk 2

Frostpunk was a big hit when it first came out. The players were tasked with leading a small number of survivors through the severe, ever-changing winter storm. The gang constructs a tiny village centered on a massive coal generator, which serves as their only means of existence. This effectively provided heat and power to the community. However, it was a difficult decision to mine for resources and dispatch groups in pursuit of wealth. The players also had to make a variety of options about how to govern their colony.

2. Total War: Warhammer III

After a few years of waiting, we’re finally getting a new core Total War: Warhammer installment this year. It is the third and final part of the Total War: Warhammer trilogy and players will be entering the Realm of Chaos. We’re waiting for further information, but we’re anticipating an upgrade over the four factions you’re acquainted with. 

There will be six different factions included in Total War: Warhammer III, including the Kislev, four Chaos Gods, and Cathay. We also know that the maps will be larger than in prior versions, and there will be more content for you and your friends to enjoy. Overall, it’s a real-time, turn-based strategy game that fits into the genre.

3. Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Based on a comic book serial from the 1990s, The Rise of the Midnight Sons is a role-playing game. It is not a complete recounting. We already know that it will cast players in the role of The Hunter. A new hero has been designed to play the game. 

Finally, the plot follows The Hunter and other well-known Marvel characters as they strive to destroy Lilith, the demon, a deadly foe Hydra was able to unleash. Because The Hunter is Lilith’s son, he is the only one who can stop the villain from taking over the world. If you enjoy strategic strategy games, you should keep a lookout for this release.

4. Manor Lords: Medieval Times

An old-style strategy and management game, Manor Lords, is based on the medieval era. The game places players on the throne of a medieval kingdom, where you may construct your city with various structures, as well as establish paths across the countryside and maintain farmlands to ensure you have enough food. However, more realistic battles will take occur. The project’s creator claims that each combat will involve various aspects that might influence the outcome.

5. Company of Heroes 3: Tactical Pause System

We now have a revitalized Company of Heroes game. The first game released in 2013 was Company of Heroes 2. It is expected that later this year, fans will be able to play an enhanced version of the real-time strategy video game Company of Heroes set during World War II. We are aware, in particular, that the game will have two theatres: Italian and North African. 

As of now, we know that the Company of Heroes 3 will have a Tactical Pause System. Users will be able to pause the game and then string together commands to activate after restarting the game with this feature. However, as of the time of writing, Company of Heroes 3 is scheduled to be published in late 2022.

6. Homeworld 3

Homeworld was initially released in 1999, and Homeworld 3 is set to debut in 2022. Many years have passed, and despite moments of strife, a genuine threat has emerged. The Hyperspace Gate Network looks to be disintegrating, leaving Karan as the sole hope. We are aware that the developers are working on a co-op mode that will allow players to complete the campaign. A release date for 2022 is expected, but it’s not confirmed yet.

7. Dune: Spice Wars

If you like the Dune series, a new 4X RTS game called Dune: Spice Wars is set to be out this year. In this game, we play as the commander of a group in Arrakis’ desert. A key goal is to gain control over your Spice resource and take advantage of it.

However, there are other organizations, troops, and creatures to remove if you want to keep your position at the top. While you will be able to explore, harvest resources, seek out intriguing locations, and battle for territory, the complete game will not be available until the end of the year.

8. Mario Plus Rabbids Sparks of Hope

If you enjoyed the first Mario + Rabbids game, be on the lookout for a new one this year. Ubisoft has yet to reveal the game’s turn-based, crossover strategy. This time, we’re following the narrative of Cursa, who has been taking energy from the named sparks. As a result, the cosmos has devolved into complete anarchy. Mario and his companions must discover and vanquish Cursa in order to restore the world’s harmony.

9. Old World

4X strategy game Old World focuses on dynastic development across generations. The players will start with a little kingdom and aim to ensure that the family lineage they create lasts well beyond their years. Then you’ll aim to form alliances, start families, choose individuals to govern the many aspects of your Kingdom, and eventually construct a vast nation.

10. Warno

Warno is an online game aiming to be realistic and demonstrate what would have occurred in the Cold War become incredibly heated. The objective is to save the world by commanding various NATO forces fighting Communist Russia. See the fighting happening on the magnificent terrain and the many forces you might command from both sides.

Final Thoughts 

So you check out the top strategy games in 2022. In the event that you had never played a game like this, would you be interested in giving it a try? Were any of these recommendations helpful to you? We hope you’ve got the chance to try something new.