BitLife Guide – How to be born in Illinois

born in Illinois bitlife

Struggling to complete the first objective of Bitlife Around the Block because you have no idea how to be born in Illinois? You might find this guide helpful.

BitLife Guide – How to be Born in Illinois

Follow the steps below to create a female character born in Illinois.

  • In the top left corner of the screen, click the three-striped icon.
  • Choose New Life to begin customizing your character. Give your avatar a female name and customize its appearance and other attributes.
  • For the gender, select female and Chicago as the birthplace. Given that the game’s birthplace selection menu only features city names, users cannot select a province as their default birthplace. Since Chicago is the state’s most populous city in Illinois, it makes sense to pick it as the location for this challenge.

  • Once everything is in place, press the Start Life button to complete the first challenge objective.

BitLife Guide – States and cities

The approach described above can be applied to many different challenges if you are familiar with the cities within a specific state. For your convenience, here is a comprehensive list of states and cities in Bitlife to which you can refer when deciding where to be born in the future.

City Name State Name
Anchorage Alaska
Atlanta Georgia
Austin Texas
Dallas Texas
Houston Texas
San Antonio Texas
Baltimore Maryland
Biloxi Mississippi
Boston Massachusetts
Brooklyn New York
Buffalo New York
New York New York
Charleston South Carolina
Charlotte North Carolina
Chattanooga Tennessee
Chicago Illinois
Cincinnati Ohio
Cleveland Ohio
Columbus Ohio
Compton California
Los Angeles California
Oakland California
San Diego California
San Francisco California
San Jose California
Denver Colorado
Detroit Michigan
Fargo North Dakota
Honolulu Hawaii
Jacksonville Florida
Miami Florida
Orlando Florida
Tampa Florida
Kansas City Missouri
Las Vegas Nevada
Little Rock Arkansas
Memphis Tennessee
Nashville Tennessee
Milwaukee Wisconsin
Minneapolis Minnesota
Newark New Jersey
New Orleans Louisiana
Oklahoma City Oklahoma
Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Scranton Pennsylvania
Phoenix Arizona
Portland Oregon
Salt Lake City Utah
Seattle Washington
Washington Washington
Tucson Arizona
Wichita Kansas