Boost Performance Of PC Games With Toolwiz GameBoost

When playing PC games one can easily suffer from lags and annoying system hangs that are often attributed to strain on system resources. For example, a game can easily become non-responsive when the CPU utilization reaches 100%. There are a number of PC settings that can easily reduce these system resource drains, however, most users are simply unaware of such settings. Furthermore, it can be quite laborious to switch between different system settings to turn off certain features of your operating system, before each gaming session.

Toolwiz GameBoost is a free Windows software that allows you to optimize your PC in a single click. The good thing about this software is that unlike other PC tweaks, it does not require any complicated settings and does the job in a single mouse click. The changes applied by GameBoost are quite easy to undo and default system settings are easily restored, once you exit the gaming mode.


Adjust System Settings

To optimize your PC for gaming, select the desired options from the GameBosst menu and click Enter GameBoost Mode. This will apply the selected changes and enable a smooth gaming experience. For example, you can stop keyboard hotkeys to avoid accidentally launching a hotkey that disrupts your game, stop network sharing to boost network performance, as well as stop; scheduled tasks to avoid disruptions, Windows update, media sharing, auto discovery of proxies, printer support, Aero Glass effect, application compatibility cache, network neighborhood and other devices.

Toolwiz Game Boost

Revert Changes

To revert back to your default PC settings, select Quit GameBoost Mode. It is worth mentioning here that temporarily altering certain system tasks might halt some vital processes. For example, you might face network sharing issues if you disable sharing options. Make sure that you only select the options that are required. Toolwiz GameBoost works on the following Windows based operating systems:

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