Call of Duty Warzone: Godzilla vs. Kong – How to get, play and rewards ?

Call of Duty Warzone: Godzilla vs. Kong - How to get, play and rewards ?

Operation Monarch will bring Legendary Pictures’ Monsterverse to Caldera with Godzilla and King Kong appearing in a limited time mode of the same name.

Call of Duty Warzone : Godzilla vs. Kong – How to get ?

“Buy any two packs to receive the exclusive ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ and the player title ‘Superspecies,'” Activision said. Bonus rewards will be available in game after restart. All three packs can be found in the CoD Store for 2,400 CoD Points each.

Tracer Pack: Kong Limited Time Bundle

  • Kong Operator skin
  • Three Legendary Weapon Blueprints
    • Temple of Kong sniper rifle
    • Skull Island Shaker SMG
    • Kong’s Scepter axe melee weapon
  • Primal Power spray
  • Gravity Inversion finishing move
  • Kong Road animated emblem
  • Jia’s Doll weapon charm
  • Watch Your Back highlight intro

Tracer Pack: Godzilla Limited Time Bundle

  • Breath of Godzilla mastercraft blueprint
  • Godzilla Operator skin
  • Gojira Stomp finishing move
  • Awakened Alpha legendary LMG
  • Two Sprays
  • Protector of Earth calling card
  • Big Mistake MVP highlight
  • Godzilla Heat Ray animated emblem

Tracer Pack: Mechagodzilla Limited Time Bundle

Navigate to the Operation Monarch in-game tab in Warzone, and click the square button (X on Xbox) to open the packs and purchase them.

  • Cybernetic Destroyer legendary assault rifle
  • Mechagodzilla Operator skin
  • Nanometal Tail Blade melee weapon
  • Neural Uplink legendary SMG
  • Mechagodzilla Head charm
  • Network Uptime watch
  • Evolving Together emblem
  • Machine Learning MVP highlight
  • Rival Protocol highlight intro

Call of Duty Warzone : Godzilla vs. Kong – How to play ?

From now until May 25h, Operation Monarch will be playable, giving Warzone players the chance to take part in a fight between the most iconic monster movie stars in history.

Operation Monarch is a special limited-time playlist that features a 60-player quad match with the Resurgence ruleset, meaning players can respawn as long as their teammates survive the Resurgence counter when players they die. The winners will be the last team standing, while huge monsters lurk in the background.

Call of Duty: Warzone Operation Monarch rewards

  • Use a Kong or Godzilla killstreak once: Reward — Rare “Ancient Remains” Charm
  • Play Operation Monarch for six hours: Reward — Epic “Ancestral Skull” Charm
  • Deal 500,000 damage to Titans: Reward — Rare “Concrete Jungle” Sticker
  • Deal 135,000 total damage to Godzilla in Titan Frenzy Events: Reward — Legendary “Team Kong” Emblem
  • Deal 135,000 total damage to Kong in Titan Frenzy Events: Reward — Legendary “Team Godzilla” Emblem
  • Use a Kong or Godzilla killstreak three times: Reward — Rare “Monarch Eyes Only” Charm
  • Collect 3,000 Monarch Intel: Reward — Epic “Skyline Crasher” Calling Card
  • Place in the top-15 12 times in the Operation Monarch limited-time mode: Reward — Epic “One Will Fall” Spray

Call of Duty: Warzone wiki :

  • Infinity Ward
  • Raven Software
Publisher(s) Activision
Series Call of Duty
Engine IW 8.0
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X/S
Release Microsoft WindowsPlayStation 4, & Xbox One
March 10, 2020
PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X/S
Genre(s) Battle royale, first-person shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer

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